Step 2: The chest plate

this step is easier that the helmet and has a good effect

first you cut out a trapezoid shaped piece of cardboard. (go to second picture for shape)

then you cut a repeating diamond shape with diagonal like 90 degree angles the sides should be about an inch then cut some inch wide stripes of cardboard (if confused go to picture 3)

first clue the repeating right angle pattern done the middle of your trapezoid then glue the slats on coming out of the right angle pattern. in the back there should be a loop that the belt will pass through (go to picture three for up close view of what the front should look like)

the upper torso and shoulder pads layout should look something like the forth picture

one you have cut out the circular shape in picture 4 , omitting the pads and after you have cut a neck hole you must make the pads.the shape of the pads can be seen in picture 5. i
paper mached (you know with flower and water and newspaper) them after i built them but you don't have to.

cut out 2 semicircular shapes that match half of the circular thing and glue them on to it the semicircular shapes are seen in picture 6. then use the knife or dremel to cut out lines in the second layer. as in picture 7

then glue the front smaller trapezoid onto the front bigger side of the circular upper torso guard and glue the back bigger trapezoid on to the back smaller side of the circular upper torso guard the front and back are see in pictures 1 and 8, the front being 1, and the back being 8.
Spork Salad5 years ago
How did you make the lines in the frill?