Step 3: The Belt

the belt is the easiest part of the costume. but this does not make it unimportant. it keeps your chest guard tight to your body.

first cut a strip of card board about 3 inches thick make sure in fits all the way around your waste with enough space to over lap

then cut out the shape of the belt buckle. the shape is in picture 2. then cut thin strips of cardboard out and glue them on as in picture 3.

the next step it to install the rubber band. just put it down put lots of glue on and around it and stick piece of cardboard on top. this is in picture 4

the last step of the belt is the hook. this is the most important part of the belt because it changes the belt from a piece of cardboard to an actual belt. to make the hook you take some thing round and wooden, i used a bamboo skewer, and stick it through the cardboard at an angle so that the rubber band cant come off. like in picture 5. use lots of hot glue on both sides like on pictures 5 and 6

the rubber band should hook around the hook like in picture 7.
Fantastic and extremely creative! Captured the theme, and even more impressive that you made it from scratch with cardboard! Can't wait to see what you can do with the fiberglass build!
Have you read 'The Bellmaker', Mr. Author Man?
<strong>Teal'c</strong>: If you once again try to harm me or one of my companions, my patience with you will expire.
awesome 5 stars can u post a staff plz
hey good for cardboard but any who can i make it with sheet metal and servo motors
as for a zat and a staff weapon im gonna make a air power staff weapon that can fire glow stick and ill post that. i might also cannibalize a air soft gun and make it look like a zat ill post it if i do.
Dude, you should go to home depot, make a potato gun in the shape of a staff weapon. You could use pvc, and than paint it, and cover it with carboard in some areas. iv been working on my own. will upload pics soon.
the Nerf nerf glow darts are much less <em>painful</em> and cheaper.<br/>
Or maybe even LED throwies instead of glowsticks. Good costume. If someone wants to refine it, they can, but the basics are there.
LOL Epic
How did you make the lines in the frill?<br />
the frill is overlapping pieces of cardboard<br />
OK, my friend and I attend Dragoncon every year. For the 2010 con we are going to go as this... HOWEVER we are taking it a step further. Once this process is complete we will be applying fiberglass over it to give it more durability. When we get to that point I will post a how to on that. My friend is working on a staff weapon that will open and close ... Will have that up too. :)
which pieces attach to the neckpiece?
oh wait I see what you mean the neck scales attach to the neck piece and the big scale things on the back connect to it. i had a piece behind the scales on the back that was what actually connected it but i couldn't show it in this Instructable because i had already covered it up with the big back scales.
the helmet doesn't attach to the chest/shoulder armor. i suppose it could if you wanted it to though
I sometimes touch it to test if it is hot. CAUTION. ONLY DO THIS ON LOW_TEMPERATURE GLUE GUNS!
Awesome!! Now all you need is a Zet and staff weapon...
its a zat, not zet, as in zatnickatel
woops my bad
no problem, at least its not a tac turret, the whole name for that is a pain in the ass
Jaffa Cree! Nice instructable, now its time for the Tau'Ri or Replicators to tear you to shreds.
pretty good for just cardboard.
the thing about the belt is that you making a real belt out of cardboard would be tricky because cardboard is not as stretchy as leather and not strong enough to make up for its unstretchyness like nylon can. the ruberband makes up for the lack of strechyness by being stretchy and its stretchyness ads tension witch keeps the amour on. but i'll work on it
Not the best I've ever seen, but still pretty darn good for being made out of cardboard. Professionally made versions of this would cost a whole lot of money, and you wouldn't get the satisfaction of having made it yourself. Constructive criticism, The belt clasp could be done a better way. It has to stick out the way it is now. Maybe make it like an actual belt, wouldn't be that hard. Very good job, four stars

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