Picture of cardboard coin sorter
 this is a card board coin sorter i made. start with a tissue box cut it open insert three cardboard sorters close box and sort your coins. for the inserts make the first one just bigger than a nickle and so on. dimes are the smallest. put a notch in the top put in coins after some shakeing lay flat and wala your coins are sorted this is a hit with kids.
atonyg (author) 3 years ago
sorry about the confusion i hope this helps.
oldmicah3 years ago
Neat idea but changing the first photo show where the coin goes in with some coins in the sorting chambers would help clarify.

That aside, I've got 4 kids in the house this weekend with rain: a coin sorter might just be the thing to pass some time
Browncoat3 years ago
Are there some missing pics? I'm not getting it, but I'm interested.