Picture of cardboard gun

OK so basically  this is made completely out of cardboard and cardstock. You find a picture of a gun you like and draw it on cardboard. then you cut it out and trace it multiple times till it all glues together at a good thickness. Then if you want  you add details. it is very time consuming but just be patient. My first gun came out like crap but i kept at it till it was pretty good. This one is exact length and width of a 1864 colt navy.
Potternum14 years ago
This is really cool. Do you think you could do a Modified Beretta 92FS from the first Underworld movie. If not could you do a different gun from Underworld? Here's a good link to pictures of the guns. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Underworld thanks!
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bbark96 (author)  Potternum14 years ago
bbark96 (author)  Potternum14 years ago
Hey I looked at your link and I went ahead and did the mp5 instead of the beretta but I think you will be extremely pleased. It will be up tomorrow. I will post a link when i get it up.
bbark96 (author)  Potternum14 years ago
cool man thanks for the link i will get on that right after i finish the walther
That is pretty solid, man. I'd love to see one in a Walther P38, like Megatron. Scope, Silencer and Stock of course. :P Hmmm..nope...yes...must...no Smalley, you have too many projects going right now....but I want to......one more will not hurt...tell your wife that when she boots you in the rear for another one!
bbark96 (author)  RecycledRetro4 years ago

heres the link to my Walther
bbark96 (author)  RecycledRetro4 years ago
I just finished the walther and it awesome but my computer is down so it will have to wait a couple of weeks. srry
bbark96 (author)  RecycledRetro4 years ago
I think i can manage. Let me try the walther.
bbark96 (author) 4 years ago
Alright guys i am starting on the guns now. I just finished my cardstock batmobile. look its up its pretty cool.
bbark96 (author) 4 years ago
If anyone has any requests or wantsw me to make a step by step just let me know.