because remaind me some cardboard from 1st instructable, I project a easy make laptop stand, and easy to transport.

- 5mm corrugated cardboard
- cutter/knife
- adesive tape (or not)

Is a green / schological project, cardboard is cheap and biodegradable.
If you buy a refrigerator, can make laptop stands for all school class from cardboard box :)

Step 1: Measure and Cut

Measure, measure and measure again.
After this measure and cut :)
Now you have 3 pieces.. and this is alll. Put in laptop bag, and go to the office/school.

Step 2: Fold and Assemble

You can fold now, and - for join pieces - cut some rectangle for pieces how keep distance.

Step 3: Use and Enjoy

Use and enjoy to save your money and OUR planet. Share ideea and improve (2 layers of cardboard, biodegradable paint,...).
I just made one.. but i have the feeling that i should make it out of a more sturdy material.. or maybe dubble the layers of cardboard.
looks very straightforward to me. requires some measuring, is that your trouble? yoof of today, i dae ken. lol<br /> <br /> my only trouble is that it looks like it sits funny at the front. can't tell from the pictures. i guess i will have to measure it, jeez. . .&nbsp;<br /> <br /> good ible mate.<br />
nice idea gonna try mini version for ds stand.
The dimensions will vary from laptop to laptop. Or keyboard, as the case may be.
me either. i wish the dimensions were shown. and maybe more instruction. really confusing.
Make dimmension for every laptop. I think is very symple - what you don`t understand?
very un-understandable i cant understand this
Very simple, great idea!

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