Cardboard Mini Speaker System


Introduction: Cardboard Mini Speaker System

It is a self powered mini speaker system made with packaging cardboard. The bcardboard thickness was 6 mm and with proper pasting and ribs, i got a rigid mini box. Due to high damping property of packaging cardboard, i got a good quality sound output.

Basically i made this in 2006 for my SE k750i phone, even today it is working nicely. It gives a warm tube-like sound with emphasis on vocals and satisfactory high tones.



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    ya. thats a TDA2822m running on 9V

    i have one on a bread board going into 5w 4ohm stereo speakers running of 5 volt usb load enogth with out been to load

    Good. How about sharing that. Later i also made a 5.1 home theater system. -

    still on a breadboard ill try and take a photo the idea was to make a 5.1 system for my pc just never got round to it the spekers will be full range speakers so they be no need to have a sub 1 watt each speaker i think be more then enogth volume

    after all the parts come out of a 5.1 speaker set for the pc but they was a problem with it it was not a dolby amp but yet when i connected the front speaker inputs sound came out of all the spaekers

    Well, if u plan for 5.1 DIY style, i will recommend TDA1554Q. its a super simple 4*20W channel amplifier chip with minimal parts. just get 2 chips and u can make amplifier for 5 satellite speakers + 1 sub in BTL mode.

    here is the photo of the stereo amp tda2822m the 4 greenish resisters add up to 10k on the input lead i put 100k this limits the amp from overloading and distorting


    ignore that comment i just scene them hideing under the caps

    dose it work fine with out the resisters and the ceramic capaciters

    thanks ill look into that prob more then the speakers i have could handle

    How do you open it non-destructively if there is a problem inside that needs to be serviced? How are the speakers held in anyways?

    Reminds me of something I did when I was in school with a paper bag that we named the musical bag. This is more elaborate than that was though. But my musical bag was easy access to internal components.

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    Actually there is not a way to open it non-destructively. I didn't planned it that time. its a closed system. hopefully till now there is not a problem.

    Speakers are screwed to a thick cardboard frame and the frame is again pasted to the main body. So i got a rigid speaker holding.