Cardboard Chair





Introduction: Cardboard Chair

cardboard chair, it´s resistence, cheap and lighweight.

The design comes from a right triangle (each side of the triangle has the same measure), that form pyramids.

The size of de chair, depends on the size of each triangle, will be the size of your cardboard seat. In my  project  used 24"x24"x24" triangle.

You will need 6 Triangles to get the wholer body of the chair, and you will need 2 triangles to do the seat of the chair.

Step 1: Cut

materials: cardboard* (double sheet), glue, glue gun, gummed packing tape (thick 3").

instruments: scissors, cutter, meter, pencil 

First step:

Cut 8 right triangles(6 for the whole body and 2 for the top) I recommend you, 24X24X24 inches 

Take 6 rectangles and then cut righ in the half and you will get. 
6= 12x12x12" right triangles and 6 trapezoids 

*In this project you can use recycled or reused old cardboard. 

Step 2: Paste

Now you have al de pieces

Take 6 rectangles and then cut righ in the half and you will get.
6= 12x12x12" right triangles and 6 trapezoids

And 2 right rectangles of 24X24X24" 

It´s time to paste 

You have to do two pyramids with the 6 rectangles
and 2 semi pyramids with the 6 trapezoids

You have to use the gun glue, go faster before the glue gets dried

Step 3: Seat

With the 2 triangles left, cut in the center another triangle, to do the seat. look the images. Use the glue to paste all the layers of the seat.

Look!! that you have to cut a section in every corner of the triangle, that will join with the bottom part 

Step 4: Assembly

Now you have all the parts, you justo have to assambly and use the gummed packing tape (thick 3"). to secure the whole chair

Put the two triangles in the half pyramid
Be sure to put to all the borders the gummed packing tape.
One half pyramid has to be cut in the corners to put the corners of the top of the seat

Step 5: Get Ready to Use

Enjoy your chair and good luck!!



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    This is a great example of why we learn geometry in high school and why those who take it further to the level of engineering are such outstanding designers. I plan on making this, but due to my personal challenges of 3-D spatial objects (due to a traumatic brain injury) I'm going to first make a very, very little one as a "sample" before I construct the final item. I just can't tell you how creative this is - a huge money saver and allows for some fantastic artwork or fabric adhered to the sides for a little extra fun! Thanks!!

    What are the dimensions for the corner cuts?

    Five stars, three cheers, two thumbs up, and a round of drinks! I am jealous of your smarts and craftiness. Can you tell me what kind of saw you are using to cut the cardboard? Electric scissors or perhaps a jig saw?

    you can use a regular blade, but take more time

    De donde eres, en Guatemala, amigo?

    Pero, que ciudad? Viajado en Guatemala, un poco.

    Soy de los Estados Unitos (Montana y Idaho), pero yo he viajado en Guatemala un poco, Chela, el Ciudad, Tajumulco, Lago Atitlan, Livingston, El Rio Dulce, y much mas.