Care for a Cat





Introduction: Care for a Cat

having a cat as a pet can be fun if you treat him/her right.

Step 1: Step 1: Litterbox

put out a storebought litterbox, and pour in 2 in. of litter.  reward your cat if he/she uses the litterbox. 

Step 2: Food/water

give you cat the food that best suits him/her. give kittens (under 1 year) kitten food, and adult cats (over 1 year) cat food.
they can have any water. tuna is okay in small amounts but it must not contain brine. just oil or spring water.

Step 3: Toys

just get any cat toy it likes. catnip infused toys work well on adults and some kittens.

Step 4: Bed

they need a soft place to sleep. 

Step 5: Scratching Post and Litterbox Cleaning.

scratchposts are to keep your cats from shredding your couch. use a sifting shovel you clean out your litterbox.

Step 6: Important!!!!

take your cat to the vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they will tell you everything i didnt tell you.



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    Nice! My cat would love the catnip toys!!

    I think this would be an excellent Instructable to introduce a child to pet caring before an animal is brought into the home. Thank you for taking the time!!

    Be nice! Don't forget that instructables is for everyone-kids, adults, elderly people, everyone. What may be obvious to you may not be so to others. What does it cost to be kind?

    what do you mean? do you like my instructable.

    It was a nice idea; don't worry about mean people! People may not realize it, but people of ALL ages look at instructables-I pulled this up when I was watching the three year old and 6 yr old from next door; the three year old liked "finding the kitty" in all the pictures, and I think that the six year old went home full of ammo to prove to her mom that she how much work a cat could be. And, honestly, I was a vet tech before I became a critical care nurse, and you would be surprised at how often what other people consider "obvious" or "common knowledge" to be neither. So, I applaud your sweet and informative instructable. Don't give up!