Care for Your Bb Gun





Introduction: Care for Your Bb Gun

This is all about looking after your bb gun so your bb gun doesn't get broke

Hope you like the Instructable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1:

Always buy the write size bb bullet because if you dont then it is to big to use.

If you have to cock the gun back then never point it down because a bb bullet sometimes fall out (if its cheap).

Step 2:

If you have some WD40 then use it for you bb gun.What you do is spray the the WD40 down it and it makes the bb come out smoother (Dont always try this because sometimes it doesnt work) .

And that is how you care for it...



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    your spelling hurts my eyes lol

    not bothered if I spell wrong as long as people can understand it

    that's a shame because if you don't care about your spelling, how can you expect someone to care about what you have to say

    no offense but you dont know what you are talking about at all

    wd 40 will melt you gaskets use try flow

    tri flow is pretty good but wd40 wont damge anything unless its latex but i use real airsoft lubrictant made of silicone and teflon

    Could have done with a bit more

    oh its not a bb gun its a airsoft gun

    hey, pictured C11 IS a bb gun, take 4,5mm BB's. powered by CO2, (no idea if Author pictured his/hers own BB gun or not, but the yellow balls are not "ammo" for C11)
    and DO NOT use WD40... use silica/teflon lubricants for that purpose.

    Thats true it just fires bbs ! and popcorn kernals ! lol i dont see the point in this instructable though its mostly what yours says but spelt wrong and she tells us to spray wd 40 down it but not to do it always because it sometimes doesnt work ?