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Bought an old bike :-)

Step 1: Step 1

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Moje první foto, nákladní kolo 110cm x 75cm.

Step 2: Steel

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Yesterday the purchase of steel for cargo space 110cm x 75cm. Steel 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm a 3,5 cm x 7 cm.

Step 3:

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Step 4: Wood Help

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Dřevěná deska pomůže k lepšímu středu celý rámeček. Aby se zabránilo šikmo.

Step 5: 1 Piece

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V současné době, pevně svařeny, se začíná objevovat.

Step 6: Black Color

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Change the color of multi color to black. Meanwhile fenders.

Step 7: New Bike

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New bike (actually old) with beige tires:-) super. He is not.

Step 8: Brace

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Stry welded brace between the frame and the new beam. Taken into powder coating.

Step 9: Pivot

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Pivot for cargo space

Step 10: Powder Coating (gloss Black)

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Pick up from powder coating.

Step 11: Installation Back

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refit: fender, pedal center + lever, rear emergency brake:-) centered rear wheel bearing exchanged. The next step will be tailored guidance for the derailleur. A pivot welding.

Step 12: Today Pivot

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After dles time I was a bit further.

Today I welded the pivot to rotate the cargo. Even the wheels and we can go on trial driveability.

Step 13: The First Test Drive :-(

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The first test drive, did not fare well. I dealt with a large load on the front wheels, but I left the back as it was. Standard aluminum rim, the first big turn and wheel cone. I already have a new steel rim ordered stainless steel wire 2.3 mm. So I wait.

Step 14: Cargo Skeleton + Rear Wires

Picture of Cargo Skeleton + Rear Wires

It seemed everything rim wires and charge. Centered, while I struggled because the rim is wider than the original, but is fitted. Hub Shimano Nexus 7:-) with back-pedal brake. The second run was already a success and everything is ok. Also, the complete skeleton of cargo space. Now working with wood, technical equipment such as batteries and inverter, setting the coffee maker and it remains to hit the streets. :-)

26.4. Today, the test with his wife as a load in the cargo hold. 70 kg load without any problems, including curves:-)

Step 15:

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Load test of about 200 kg, and wood paneling.

Step 16: Finish

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Painted glaze, and Resolved :-)


carkat (author)2014-09-08

Hi, great progress! This looks awesome already. I never invested in powder coating the frame, but it seems I should do this. Looks way better than painted.

Please keep us updated about your build!

kehrlich1 (author)carkat2015-04-14

Hi, today new progress!!!

mdubois6 (author)kehrlich12015-06-10

Is it a handlebar you used as a brave ?
Also, is it easy tout use the brake and gearshifter under the seat ? mine is ''almost'' finished and I would like to keep cables passage simple... you don't have front brake ?
Thank you

kehrlich1 (author)mdubois62015-06-15

Pin just yet, I have not tried the long term. Brake under the seat is lockable and only serves as a parking brake. I have 7 transfer hub and-pedal brake. Front brakes are also there but no control. I used the charge: have drum brakes.

Brake under the seat from the bracket of the handlebar, saddle bar had the same diameter as the handlebars :-)

kehrlich1 (author)carkat2014-09-09

powder coating with us based upon some even cheaper than conventional spray paint. For the bicycle frame 1 wants $ 25 extra frame is sprayed anti-corrosion protection, and the cured paint has a high scratch resistance.

I'm sure I'll continue to add more photos as I know.

It will be a coffee bike:-)

Tater Zoid (author)2014-08-06

Hi, I like what you have started to build here. Could you please provide steps on how you constructed your cargo bike? I would like to build my own.


kehrlich1 (author)Tater Zoid2014-08-06

Sorry for my English = google English

So far I've only cut off the old bike as you can see in the photo. Then, with a handlebar mount did handle under the seat, where we placed the rear brakes and derailleurs.

Yesterday I bought a hollow steel 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 3.5 cm and a length of 7 cm to 1 m link wheels and cargo space.

Cargo space will have dimensions of 110 cm x 75 cm.

I still deal with the pivot but it is not far away. Hurry to do it as a hobby. As I have another photo I'll share.

Interesting proper instructions and a carkat. According to him, in fact I am building.

Nice day Karel

kehrlich1 made it! (author)2015-06-21

So after about a year, is the coffee bike ready, I'm happy.

carkat (author)2015-04-14

wow, looks like you had quite a load on your bike during the test ride. how much was it (approximately)? i had issues of single spokes breaking in turns and under heavy load, but only in the front. never any issue in the back.

kehrlich1 (author)carkat2015-04-14

all round I have steel rims and stainless steel spokes. In before I've got 3 mm and 2.3 mm at the rear all done to order. Meanwhile tested without load in the cargo hold.

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