well this all started when I got a RC heli just before guy fawkes night helicopter + rocket = cool
well i did start that but soon realized i would have to buy another controller to fire it on command then i had a vision (actually i tripped over my RC nitro car then it came to me RC-carmageddon so with some parts that i had sitting round i figured i could do this for only the price of the rocket

the link for the video can be found here

vid number 2 firing a small screw

Step 1: What You Will Need

>>>>>>>Remote controlled car (working would help)

>>>>>>>4 Channel or more the better controller and receiver

>>>>>>>Higher capacity battery's (I use a heli lithium cell 7.4v 800mah)

>>>>>>>2X RC servo

Tin snips
Screwdrivers small and large phillips and flat head
Aluminium off cuts
Extra screws
i made one of these a few years ago but i used a electric rc and a 8 ch receiver and transmitter and for my gun i used a coil gun it was awsome till my friend spilled coca cola on it
I think an electric would work better over a Nitro for a project like this..and open up more opprtunities...
all this is ,is a r/c shop bought car. it's not a robot.it's not rocket science and i could do this at home!!!!!!!!!!!
calm down !!!!!!!!!!
I want to see the video :P
Please photo rotate
what type of car it this. i has parts.
have you tried mounting a mini electric airsoft gut to this ANKLE SHOOTERS!!!!!!!! (check out me insructable) <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/flame_throwing_altoids_guitar">https://www.instructables.com/id/flame_throwing_altoids_guitar</a><br/>
this is really cool. im making this minus the car so its just the turret. some mods im doin to the cannon are: using a copper tube, a glow plug for ignition. another thing i wanted to point out, for ammo, you could use a bottle rocket, just shorten the fuse and put a tiny little bit black powder to help ingite the fuse.
i am surfing for new techniques to modify my HOME MADE RC SURFBOARD, dude, you are a great help.
haha... pun... "surfing," "surfboard". sorry, just had to point that out
you should be able to use a spare glow plug to light the match
Why not do this: get an estes rocket engine and attach it on instead of a cannon.
would love to try this but the rc stuf is too expensive. that fireing is going to kill the servos. cool project
Cant u add a heat sink to prevent over heating ???
the only reason you would need a heat sink is if the thing has rapid fire mode, witch would be cool if it is possible
Step 7: Then stick a General Lee shell on and be rebellious! YEEEHAWW!
how fast is it?
great idea now all you need is a flamethrower.
Thatz soo awesome !!!!about how much would it cost 2 make 1?????
add me to the R/C group too!
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/group/remotecontrolstuff/">will you add to my new group?</a><br/>
try modifing it to shoot those easties rocket engines!!!
that was the hope but it is really cool i have posted a video up on youtube under rc carmageddon cant link it right now but take a look yourself sorry bout the quality i had a poor cameraman thanks
alsome dude!! keep up the good work!!
seems very bad for the servos.... but good idea! I'd suggest spring mounting that cannon so it doesn't strip the servo gears!
check out the new vid will have some more pics and vids as soon as i complete the quad cannon ha!!
why is this under knex?
How does the cannon fire?
just tested the cannon for the second time fired in just under a second from braking no misfires as so far will be making a quad cannon attachment soo so will post that too
Why are your photos all ways up?
i took all the photos with my phone so it was only how i could hold it the cannon fires when you brake via a match head and black powder propellant

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