Carry Cooler Box Speaker





Introduction: Carry Cooler Box Speaker

I integrated power amp and a speaker into small carry cooler box.

Step 1: Power Amp PCB

I maked power amp with LM386. I use one LM386 for one channel.
PCB is fixed with double-stick tape.

Step 2: Speaker

In this cooler box, the inside became dual structure. Therefore, I fixed the speaker in an internal housing.
I used a screw for fixation and blocked up the gap with silicon.

Step 3: Waterproofing and Wiring

I thought about waterproofing of a speaker and covered it with Tupper. And I filled up a gap with silicon in the same way.
A battery uses 006P.
A battery is fixed with a board of aluminum like a picture, because I do not enter a gap of a housing of dual structure.

Step 4: Suitable for One Person Hiking

Music and beer! It's the best combination.



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    I had the same idea but with no beer in mind, I'm using an ammunition can. I am though, having circuit problems. Below is the wiring diagram that I used. Tell me if i need to change anything because it buzzes and the amplified audio is choppy.


    Oops. I should have added: scroll down to the audio amplifier diagrams.

    Good Job! Here is a suggestion. Try hooking up a solar cell and a rechargeable battery and keep the battery charged.


    thanks, mr.rig it. it's good idea!!

    cool.. i've been looking for something like this for ages.. but i'm really new in this..can you just get the power amp circuit board at a store? what about the little electronic things on it, you get it with the board or seperately? thanks anyway..

    did you find an amp, I am looking to mod a back pack for snowbaording.

    Where does it power from? I dont see the power source =S

    9v battery in step 4 pic.

    Very cooooooooool !! Are the speakers big enough, how is the sound ? I like it !. Congrats. Chefmichel