Picture of cassette tape wallet
I love cassette tapes, they're an awesome reminder of when the 80's and 90's were all about acid wash jeans, mullets, plaid, drinking <insert dad's beer brand>, and above all: tape cassettes. The cassette tape is retro reminder of how cheesey-awesome these times were and even though you probably threw away you cassettes when you got something more modern you might still have one or two hiding somewhere, like under the back seat of your dad's Scirocco. Let's see what's back there; BoyzIIMen, Fleetwood Mac and Phil Collins? Perfect!

There's new life for these classic cassettes, by adding a zipper and you can make your favourite cheesy tape into a cassette tape wallet! You've propably got a Twisted Sister or soundtrack to The Breakfast Club too, go ahead and make a few for your friends.

Here's what you need:
  • screwdriver
  • epoxy

  • plastic cassette tape
  • fabric zipper
  • scrap fabric
  • plate for mixing epoxy
  • stir stick

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Step 1: Find and disassemble cassette

Picture of find and disassemble cassette
You can usually find cassette tapes in almost any Thrift Store, steal it from your Mom's collection or maybe you have one hiding in some forgotten drawer in your store room. However you come across your cassette there are typically 2 types: ones that are held together by screws and ones that are sonically welded together. Remove the mechanical fasteners or break the weld at the cassette seams, then remove all the insides and clear out any small plastic posts or nubs on the inside to create a clean cavity. 

Step 2: Prepare zipper and epoxy

Picture of prepare zipper and epoxy
If required, trim your zipper to fit around the sides and top of your cassette and sew the end to make sure the zipper doesn't run off the track when completely opened.

I used a 2-part epoxy, measure equal portions and mix. I applied epoxy in several small separate sections, one at a time. On a scrap piece of cardboard mix a dime sized portion of epoxy to start. Remix new epoxy for each application. 
I'm throwing an 80's Halloween Party this year and need awesome door prizes! THIS IS PERFECT!!! I love the no-sew (besides the zipper end) aspect and will post party pix of the winners holding their cassette wallet here afterward! Thanks so much for sharing!
I like the concept here, but Phil Collins? I don't know about that. Haha. I think I have a warped Aerosmith tape lying around that might make a good candidate.
3366carlos2 years ago
if sit on it, will it break?
mikeasaurus (author)  3366carlos2 years ago
amandaggogo2 years ago
I've got a pauly shore comedy cassette just waiting for this.
I love cassette tape stuff!!
EET19822 years ago
Awesome! You have my vote :).
seamster2 years ago
Nice work with the epoxy! That looks like it could be potentially very messy.
ChrysN2 years ago
That is a nice size for business cards and store cards. Great idea!