Introduction: Cast Iron Pan Care

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Okay so you got your new cast iron skillets and you want to keep the seasoning well season, if you're like me who grew up with his grandparents who cooked on mostly cast iron skillets you know how much better the food tasted so in this brief instructions I'm going to show you a trick or two that was my grandma way of keeping her pans seasons after cleaning.

Step 1: The Set Up.

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start out grabbing all your necessities

1- shortening
1- old rag
1-a scoop or spoon
1- ziploc bag

Step 2: Making a Greasy Rag

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Take a scoop of shortening and put it in your rag folded up making a ball with the shortening in the center place in the microwave or a hot skillet moving around until it starts to melt

Step 3: Using Your Rag

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I like to put the pan on the stove on high for 2 minutes or until it's nice and warm enough to melt the shortening and then run the rag around the pan until you get a nice even coding of oil remove from heat and store as normal disclaimer: time be very careful once the pan heats up because it is hot

Step 4: Storage

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I use a ziplock baggie because I can pull the air out of it and store it up out of the way Plus it keeps the rag fresh


jbrown145 (author)2014-01-28

we're not burning the crust off to do a complete reseason this is after use before storage keeping the shine part , think of it as preventive maintenance or Pmcs if you will....

pfred2 (author)2014-01-27

All you have to do is throw that cast iron into a pile of burning leaves.

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