i hope that you enjoy this video!
<p>if you stood on the thin side of the slingshot, would it support your weight? </p>
<p>Very nice, lot's of patience.</p>
just as a suggestion becuase i love to see people get involved in metal working of any kind. <br> <br>you can de-gas the aluminium by putting washing soda in when it's molten, it's chemically known as sodium carbonate and you can get it at the grocery store. <br> <br>the next thing you can do is add some kind of flux, at this temperature i would suggest borax or salt as myfordboy does here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5wCVI7jCyQ <br> <br>finally you can make greensand by mixing normal sand with bentonite clay in the right quantities this makes for a smoother finish when the mold is broken and it's reusable.
thanks! <br>what does de-gassing do?
Your videos are excellent--well edited, very much on point, and exactly how I want how-to videos to be.
Thanks for posting. I really like that you included the bit about the florist's foam. Sharing what doesn't work is as valuable as what does.

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