here is a stove made from an coffee can and heated with cat stoves.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Large coffee can
Coat hanger
Copper or steel wire..

a marker
Power Drill with 1/8th bit
NIce one!<br>Just a thought: you could also make one or two (concentric) circles - or maybe better squares or stars - out of the coat hanger and wire that to the two base rods. That way you need only four holes for the grid.
good idea.<br>i think i will do it that way when i make a new one.
you did awesome - and so fun to read! We're low on money - and are going camping - I'm excited to try this. Thanks and God bless
so glad you like it. its all im taking on my camping trips this year. :)
Amazing idea!! My only problem is size.. I try to keep everything as small as possible, but that's just me. Maybe i should change my standards eh? Great instructable, very in depth, and well explained. Good show!
size is important and theres nothing that says you cant make it from smaller cans. i used the big coffee tin because it fits my camping pot. you could use a bean can if all you want to do is heat up a small cup. or you can use the burners alone with a wire pot stand. the variations are endless such as you dont have to use that size catfood cans for the burnersyou could try an altoids tin stuffed with fibreglass{shorter burn time though}. experiment and if you come up with a variation on the theme post it on this site i`d be intereted to see it.
Okay good suggestion, i may take you up on that :D
This is killer! I especially like the different fuel options. We may take Sterno for granted, but who's to say how easy it may be to get (or how affordable it will be to travel to Outdoor stores?). This design will work with any 'found' fuel, and the wind break make a huge difference, too. Great job, thanks for sharing.
im glad you like it though i feel i should add a caution here. dont use gasoline in this stove. alchohol based fuels are all i have used or tried but others may be dangerous be very careful
you cook cats == you monster!!!!!!!! ==<br/>
actually i prefer squirrels. but they are too fast
squirells are friken awesome too = you monster =<br/>
coool. great idea. i'm not sure why noone else has commented this great instructable. I have a question about the cat stove-- yes, i'v seen your instructable but can i use rubbing alchohol?
thanks for the comment and question. as for rubbing alcohol you can use it but it doesnt have the same heat output as methy alcohol. if rubbing alcohol is all you can get make sure the percentage of water is no greater than 5% some have as much as 30% water i havent tried them but i expect it wouldnt burn as well{as hot) but by all means try it and let me know how you get on
ok. i might use the soda can instructable insted, since it's easier to get the materials.
the soda can stoves are nice and you should always work with what you have.
ok, i might use cotton beccause i have no idea where my fiber glass went...
i dont think cotton will work very well it will be consummed by the flame as the fuel burns up the fibreglass is more durable
I went up in my attic and grabbed a bag of insulation and used HEET, it worked well. I made the Can stove but it was a pain to get the halves together and a bit fragile. I'm definitely trying this one. Thanks for the instructable. I've done the small can but messed up the big can. Good thing my dog will eat cat food!!
It's good! L

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