Introduction: Cat Thunder Shirt

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I bought a thunder shirt for my cat. but I have 2 cats and I wasn't paying for 2 since they are $40. so I made one.

Step 1: Things You Need.

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you need
1. old t-shirt
2. sewing machine
3. scissors
4. marker
5. velcro 1in wide
7. iron (optional )

Step 2: Old T-shirt

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lay out a t-shirt. it's a simple pattern. the 2 prices that stick out wrap around the cat or dogs neck. ( not to tight but snug ) the large area wraps around the cat or dog's stomach. the layers need to over lap by a few inches so it can be adjusted to fit snug not to tight. so trace out a pattern. cut out the t-shirt (use both layers of the t-shirt ). use sewing machine to sew together both sides. leave on side open so you can flip it inside to cover up the the seam. once it is inside out sew up the open side the best you can.

Step 3: Top Side of the Shirt

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on the collar sew one side with the hard side of the velcro and on the other side of the collar sew the soft side of the velcro. on the left side of the body of the shirt sew 2 strip of soft velcro.

Step 4: Bottom Side of Shirt

Picture of Bottom Side of Shirt

on the bottom of the shirt sew 2 strips horizontal on the opposite side of the shirt. so when the shirt is wrapped around the body the soft velcro of the top attaches to the bottom side of the shirt.

Step 5: The Cat

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attach to the cat. the cat may do what is called "freeze and flop" the cat is fine. he or she just needs to get used to it. then take pictures of the cat flopping around. lol.


xxlauraxx (author)2015-02-13

I had to favorite this just for the opening image. :)

I've never heard of a thunder coat before. Interesting. It reminds me of the weighted blankets that can calm folks with autism.

cainchar (author)xxlauraxx2015-12-27

Exactly the same theory. Temple Grandin Phd. was the first to pioneer this idea with her "human press." She designed it after studying cattle in presses.

lgooms (author)2015-11-14

We call the "freeze and flop" the "Non-violent protest" :D Nice instructable! and good to meet you!

dlarocco (author)2015-03-07

Uh, your cat 's eyes how the ......

渣渣 (author)2015-03-03


Your cat is so cute! I love his ears!

rebecca.larocco.5 (author)2015-02-12

:) he gets angry if you take it off

rebecca.larocco.5 (author)2015-02-12

He's just pissed that he got woken up!!

AzureRaven99 (author)2015-02-11

I've never seen a cat more angry. I wonder if you set a record for something...

MCrous (author)2015-02-11

One thing i know is cats and this one looks like it is going to get you while you are asleep for dressing it up and taking fotos! ;)

tomatoskins (author)2015-02-11

This is a great idea! I've never tried a thunder shirt for my dog.

amekdala (author)2015-02-11

cute one

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