In this inscrutable you will learn to make  an cat tree that will forever keep your cats occupied
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Step 1: supplies

cats Duh
1 large wire spools
1meadum spool
2 small spools
brain, feet etc.

jig saw
carpenters square
whole saw
drill with Philips screw driver bit
Yeah like scoochmaroo said carpet rope or u could paint it
Where did you find your spools. I love this Idea but it doesn't look spools that size are something you can buy at the hardwear store. Any suggestions. I love this project.. Can't wait to start!
Cool. I bet they would love it if you covered parts in carpet or rope!
Thanks I would do it if i had such. It is a good idea

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Bio: I love K'nex, Plants, Electronics, Computers, Linux, Fish, Arduino, Minecraft, and my cat Serena (the cat in my profile picture)
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