Picture of caterpillar magnet children toy
I'm going to show you how to build a very simple toy for children which can be played on any magnetic surface (fridge, magnteic whiteboard...)

The idea came after I recieved a few cardboard packages from an internet deal.
After getting my stuff, I had all this big cardboards lying around and decided to cut a star for my daughter. She was very happy with it so I made another and she asked me for a moon.
I put all these together and suspended it in her room before night (a good way to explain her that the moon will catch her nightmares and it works !!)
As she loves my simple stars and moon, I made her a simple butterfly and once again she loves it. But this time she asked me :
"Where is it's house daddy ?"
"... and where is the caterpillar ?"

So I thinked about the caterpillar...

Here is how I made it
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Step 1: Preparing

You need :
  • Cardboard
  • Magnetic sheets (I used a list of phone number, the kind you've got in your mailbox sometimes)
Tools :
  • Pen
  • Sharp knife
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • glass or something circular, why not a compass... what ? This is made for this purpose ? drawing circles ??

Your child(ren) may be usefull too, as he/she(they) should be very happy to do it with you.

Cost :
Nearly nothing as many of the items can be found in the house.

Step 2: Drawing

Picture of Drawing
Use the glass and draw the first circle on your cardboard.
Then move the glass and draw a new circle over the previous one. Do not overlap too much. Keep under the half diameter is - I think - a good choice. 
Repeat this as many time as you want. Each circle will become a part of the caterpillar body.
The last circle you'll do will be the head of the caterpillar. I made 2 bumps to draw the eyes. Use a smaller glass to make a small piece for the tail.
evacooper2 years ago
that is so cute!
alexsolex (author)  evacooper2 years ago