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Introduction: Center Finder

I love tools and every now and then I also love tools to make live easier. This one is based on a one time tool from woodpeckers but not available anymore. So I decided to made one by myself using my 3D FDM printer.

Its a handy tool to mark the centre of a workpiece, just place the two legs around your piece and mark a line or point or draw a line with a pen trough one of the holes in the middle bar. Due to the parallelogram, the center is always found automatically.

Step 1:

The first one was actually made with metal inserts to have M3 screws inserted to add precision and sturdiness.

The middle bar is also made out of an aluminium bar. After assembling it, I thought about this tool to share on thingiverse and noticed that you could not do this without a lathe to meek the metal inserts. So I decided to made a second version using only printed parts and some standard hardware.

Step 2:

The pure FDM version is made using 2 M3x8mm and 4 M3x20mm counter sunk screws, the holes are already chamfered and the bottom holes made with a diameter of 2.6mm to take the screws directly without tapping.

So if you have access to a 3D printer download it here and made one for yourself.

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sorry about the question mark! ?

I never understood how the center finder works, could someone explain? :D

Now if you could easily find the centre of a circle....

There are rulers made for just that, just do a search for center finder. Should look like this one:

Here's another version which includes some more features:

Nice Instructable, thank you.

Here is the one I made, it is a useful tool.

Parallel ruler divider 011 (Medium).jpg

nice, and so simple in its making, great !