Step 6: Crack open

Picture of crack open
After about a month from the when the eggs were first put into the brine solution it's time to open them up. Carefully remove the clay encasement and the plastic wrap, then tap the egg to break the shell and gently peel away. The eggs should be completely transformed!

The whites of the eggs will now be a jelly-like translucent amber colour and the yolks a very dark green and with a texture much like a hard boiled egg. Take a look at picture 2 in this step to see the different consistency between the yolk and white in my egg-xperiment.
FoolishSage3 years ago
I didn't know that only the yolk of the egg became the blackish colour, I always thought it was the whole egg. I've only ever eaten them cut into bits but I do not recall seeing any amber part.. Is the amber part also safe/tasty to eat or is it discarded and only the yolk eaten?

Either way I'm gonna make these. My colleagues already think I always eat weird stuff and this will be a great way to keep them freaked :D