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how to make a unique hacky sack

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You will need:
2 pairs of pliers
252 5/16" rings
2 1/2" rings
something to fill it with

First make a 4x24 sheet

Step 2: 2

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make triangles on the edges , leave a open space in between them

Step 3: 3

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connect two triangles together with a single ring
do that to all of them on each side

Step 4: 4

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connect the ends together ,i found using a pipe makes it easier (sorry about the blur didn't notice it until i was done)

Step 5: 5

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connect the end triangles together then run the 1/2 ring through the rings on the top do the same to the bottom

Step 6: 6

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stuff the ball with fabric or any thing else , i found using a screwdriver to push it in through the top works good


jackowens made it! (author)2014-12-09

Great tutorial! I feel like the instructions were a bit short and incomplete, but the pictures are excellent! It took me a while to understand how to connect the triangles together with a single ring, but it turns out I was just over-thinking it. I think mine turned out decent for my first try, now I am planning on making a second version that hopefully will improve the aesthetic design. Although, for such a simple tutorial this is a pretty neat result! :)

hackysack420 (author)2013-05-07

And also, is it better to use 3/16" rings for the patter and double the pattern or is it better to use 1/4" rings for the pattern, nut keeping it a 4x24 sheet?

hackysack420 (author)2013-05-07

Is it better to fill the hacky sack with fabric like material or fill with a rice like material or plastic airsoft bb's that weigh .30g?

Grey_Wolfe (author)2011-10-10

I have used this pattern to make three hacky sacks now.

The first two I did with 18g 3/16" rings. It makes for a hacky sack the size of the small ones you can get in bulk. I filled those with knots made from the same rings.

Now, speaking of redundancy...

The most recent version I used 18g 5/16" rings like shown in the pattern to make the outside. When I was finished the weave looked to loose to me. So I made another with 16g 5/16" rings and filled it with the previously weaved empty shell.

Not only does it have a nice smooth look to it, using the previously weaved shell gives it just the right amount of fill (not too full or floppy). Also, using the weaved shell as filler keeps the fill from settling too flat.

Total rings used:
254 - 18g 5/16" bright aluminum (fill)
254 - 16g 5/16" bright aluminum (shell)
(I don't use half in rings to close the ends.)

dany man148 (author)2010-01-22

what i did is i put my hacky sack in there... kind of redundant iknow XD

wouldnt want that hackey sack getting damaged ;)

dscherer1 (author)2011-07-12

i like the simplicity of it and it seems much easier than some ive done but it looks kinda sloppy

big-jamie (author)2009-11-30

thought you all might like to see my first attempt at a maille hackey sack

NOTE: instead of 24x4 i done 24x2 sheet as i wanted to finish quickly =P

zen of zappa (author)big-jamie2011-06-04

and with a 24x2, does it stall better? just wondering cause that always helps and i also want to finish quickly...

big-jamie (author)zen of zappa2011-06-05

it does mean that the hackey sack is flatter than if you used a 24x4, but i dont do hackey to be honest so i wouldent know if it is any better at using, i just made this as a project.

zen of zappa (author)2011-06-04

i found awesome colored rings from the ring lord...but they are 3/8. do you think that will still be okay? cannot wait to make it for this summer!

mofunnyman (author)2010-10-15

i gotta say it takes a long time to make (im only on 12 rows) but it is fun and rather than steel i would recomend that you use copper due to the fact it is easier to bend.

Trace II (author)mofunnyman2010-11-10

The only problem is it will corrode faster. I recommend using 16 gauge annealed steel. It doesn't rust too fast, and because it is annealed, it is easier to work with than regular steel.

mofunnyman (author)Trace II2011-02-24

thats true mine does quit shining if i dont put it in vinigar.

LastMemory (author)2010-12-11

Not to take away from the Instructable creator but... If you google (used as a verb) Dragonfly hacky sacks you will come up with a hacky sack online footbag store. They sell chain mail hacky sacks also for only 15 dollars. They are almost impossible to break. Plus the geniuses put in a web of rubber... strands?? Ig lol. They add a bit of a pop to the footbag.

Kaiven (author)2007-11-17

Whoa. I just finished a 3x6 in like 2 hours...this may take a while...ESPECIALLY, with homemade chain links :P

jehan (author)Kaiven2007-11-17

yea it does take awhile

Kaiven (author)jehan2007-11-17

lol i made a bracelet, workig toward a glove

killerAP (author)Kaiven2009-04-10

can you post a intructable of a glove? i really want one b/c i do SCA and if you accidentally dtop your sword you can deflect the sword blow with a glove.

armourkris (author)killerAP2009-07-25

rapier fighting? cause i'm pretty sure that doesn't fly in cut and thrust or heavy

killerAP (author)armourkris2010-07-20

no, not rapier. In the SCA world, it is frowned upon to block a blow with your hand just so that it would not hurt your body. Ref's and players agree that it would be a body shot if it was aimed at the body and you block it.

you'll break bone doing that in heavy

thing 2 (author)killerAP2009-09-20

What is SCA?

killerAP (author)thing 22009-09-21

society for creative anacronisms i also do LARP (live action role play) with foam weapons

jehan (author)Kaiven2007-11-18

gloves are really hard to make there cool once you get them though

Mr. Bean117 (author)jehan2008-01-03

ive finished the main part of a chainmail glove, but i dunno how to make fingers. Any suggestions?

jehan (author)Mr. Bean1172008-01-03

i would try making cylinders for the fingers then connecting the top with one ring

Mr. Bean117 (author)jehan2008-01-05

hmm, that would probably work, it would take a while though, especially with the tiny rings i need to use... i also made some captive inverted round chain. It's absolutely stunning. everyone should make some...

jehan (author)Mr. Bean1172008-01-05

could you post a picture of it

Mr. Bean117 (author)jehan2008-06-21

here's one sorry for taking forever lol

Kaiven (author)Mr. Bean1172009-12-04

That looks awesome! I found great instructions here:
I will make some because it looks easy :D

rippinblaise (author)Mr. Bean1172009-05-05

i made basically the same thing it's a little different that's pretty close to the byzantine chain though

Speedmite (author)Mr. Bean1172009-03-20

Ive made it. Is cool.

pindalanderz (author)Mr. Bean1172008-10-30

I would suggest making it one side at a time. make one half, shaped like a hand, then another one identical to it. after that hook them together.

duck-lemon (author)Mr. Bean1172008-03-22

ya. Dis is what dey did with plate gloves. Get normal gloves and loop chain in holes in the glove you make You need a maille piece that would just cover top of hand that means you could pull back your longbow and slaughter the Evil rabbits infestin your garden. But seriously thats how they did it. Sorry nuthin against the french i was just remembering a war i read about

Kaiven (author)jehan2007-11-18

i discovered i need to make two "bracelets" to get it staring well...i'm at 1 nd 1/4th lol

Kaiven (author)Kaiven2007-11-18

do you know how i can make fingers? the palm "waves" need to go the same direction as the finger "waves", right?

jehan (author)Kaiven2007-11-18

yea but you have to use really small gauge wire other wise the it forces your fingers apart

Kaiven (author)jehan2007-11-19

do you mean small wire or large gauge? large gauge makes the wire small, and small gauge makes it large. If ii use small gauge, it would split my fingers apart from the wire's diameter. did you get that?

jehan (author)Kaiven2007-11-19

i ment large gauge like18 or 20

Kaiven (author)jehan2007-11-20

I use 20 gauge steel galvanized wire. I cheated a tad with the weaving. :P I still need to do all the fingers.

jehan (author)Kaiven2007-11-20

that should turn out cool. post a pic when your done

Kaiven (author)jehan2007-11-21

if my coputer allows it...

Bright Shadow (author)Kaiven2009-07-24

Could I see the bracelet?

Kaiven (author)Bright Shadow2009-07-25

If I know where it is? :O

Bright Shadow (author)Kaiven2009-07-26

That could be a problem. If you can't find it, don't worry.

martin8510 (author)2009-02-08

where can i buy those rings and can someone please help ,but i love those footbags

Kryptonite (author)martin85102009-09-16

You have to make your own, search around on Instructables on how to make the rings for chain maille.

thing 2 (author)Kryptonite2009-09-20


Grey_Wolfe (author)thing 22010-04-04

You can purchase good quality rings from

THey have a wide range of sizes and materials to work with. If you prefer to make your own rings, they also have the wire and tools for doing so.

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