Introduction: Chainsaw

first you will need the motor of a fan.( the crappy ones you get at the 99 cents store are perfect)second you will need a sheet of metal.( a soda can is good)a nine volt batterytoolsyou will need scisorsand you will need safety equipment. this is very sharp and can cut you!

Step 1: Makig the Sheet

to make the metal sheet, take the soda can and cut it so it wil lay as a flat sheet. then cut it so it is about one inch by one inch. to get the hole through it just take scissors and poke a very very small hole.

Step 2: Connection

i personally lost the wires for the motor so i just stuck it on and off of the 9 volt. first you put the sheet of metal on the pole for the motor. then you connect the wires (i didnt but whatever) and it will turn on. WARNING DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TOUCH THE METAL AS IT SPINS!!! IT WILL CUT YOU DEEPLY!!!I AM NOT REPSONIBLE IF YOU GET INJURED!!!



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    that's not a goddamned chainsaw

    Ignore what these people say, you have bothered to do this and OK, its not exactly what you call it, but at the same time you made it . Some of your attackers have not ever published an instructable themselves! this is a start for you and if you sit down and think about something else you can make, this time remember how some people like to put others down (even if they are not capable of making much themselves), so plan it carefully and research it.... show them you will not be put off by them. it gets you away from the computer, and lego and kinex etc ;) - keep making things!!!

    I don't think you could've done worse.

    Phaile! add a chain then ya can call it a chain saw or just call it a saw.

    I just made this, but it is a lot cooler if you power it via usb. A switch is a good thing to add too if you mount the battery on. Otherwise, good instructable.

    you call that chainsaw??? two things... 1. there's no chain, maybe, circular saw would have been better, but that's your choice 2. There's nothing holding the metal in place!!! That is seriously dangerous!!! (i know there's instructions for bombs and stuff but there meant to be dangerous, this is just silly) atleast use some sellotape, please... p.s. i think i did this when i was five aswell...

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    I did this with a large strip of metal when I was younger an- *WHAP* There wen the feeling in my finger...

    cheap and can cut you to the bone. this is what boys should be playing with not some lame computer game. keep up the good work

    looks like something i liked to do when i was 5 years-old (used the power supply for my toy train set for variable speed), but i was smart enough then not to use a jagged and unsecured piece of metal for the tip... its the very poor mans dremel

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    fine its not a chainsaw but it is pretty dangerous and my first one cut through a gummy bear and three sheets of paper

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    Lmao that sounds like a lot of fun. GUMMY BEAR MUTILATION!!!! I've totally given up on trying to get n00bs to spell check and crap.

    A paper disc (spinning fast enough) will also cut you. I was dissapointed that there was no chain in this, might be able to do something with lego if I have enough chain-links... L

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    Ok, I've got the chain, but any ideas on how to add teeth?


    Think I`ll print this for my kids give them shop access and an old-school, rusty Olympia beer can I found. Little bastards

    I like this kinda. Try putting metal wire,like a weed wacker. And hey Guys give him sum slack. Thats why he goes on instructables to learn. Havent you read the little red sign when you are typing this. It said ,"We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site."

    lol what the crap. So many crappy instructables these days. Frick - I used to play with motors in like 2nd grade..