Picture of chakram painting the easy way
chakram painting with a paint brush and big messes. This is a fast east way to paint your chakram. you will need:
dutch tape
carboard box
razor knife
spray paint

and if you want to have your chakram real shiny
sand paper 400 (optional)

Step 1: Putting tape on the chakram

Picture of putting tape on the chakram
You will need some ducth tape any color i used black and blue but you can use any doesnt matter. You need to put tape all over the chakram dont leave any clear spaces tape the surface completly.dont leave any metal showing.
crapflinger8 years ago
i was wondering what the hekc a chakram was...then i remembered xena warrior princess
...and I still had to google to work out it isn't jewellery!
HamO Kiteman8 years ago
Yeah, but what is dutch tape?
Kiteman HamO8 years ago
It's for plugging holes in dikes.
elliottgonzalez (author) 8 years ago
dutch duck tape i dont now
mrmath8 years ago
I would post my normal pet peeve thing about your and you're, but I messed up last time, and made myself look like a fool, so I won't.
rockyt8 years ago
mmmmm! zena. Actually I prefer her sidekick.
Kiteman rockyt8 years ago
Apparently, so did Zena?