please,no flaming or bashing. if you have to criticize,please do so in a respectable way.
i will show you how to display whatever font you want on your desktop,taskbar,menus etc...
This was done in ubuntu 7.10 gutsy, I use gnome environment and I do not know if it works for other versions or kde.
I am very new to Ubuntu and still learning it,
i love to modify everything, so i began my quest to have old English fonts . I see lots of people asking in posts for the same thing but no definitive tutorials or confirmation on being able to do it.(not in my searching anyway) So i gathered the info i could find and experimented till i got it. if you need to find what version of debian you are using, go to taskbar, system,administration,system monitor, when it opens you will find your version in the systems tab(see pics)

Step 1: root permissions

First thing to do is find the ttf you want to use. I chose Old English but you can use whatever is available or Google for others. you can get some from a windows operating system from what ive read.
next to do is for later in the instructable,but we will do it now so its ready.right click on your desktop and select create launcher.type root in the name box, then type gksudo nautilus in the command box. now you have a shortcut to root privelages on your desktop.
what dock are you using?
This was posted past the release of 8.10. Why are you still using 7.10? Believe me, it is much better.
Sorry, I know that sounded harsh. Great instructable, good idea as it is very fun to mess with setting in ubuntu. I mean, that is a major plus of linux. Right know I am trying to work with ubuntu at my Windows school, its lots of fun. When did you start using linux? Again, please excuse my above comment. --Adam
thanks for the comment. The reason im using 7.10 is because my laptop has the intel video card and it wont work with 8.04 or 8.10. My desktop is currently using 8.10 but i use compiz on that one, and ive done way too much work trying to get compiz working the way i want. so i leave that alone and mess around with the laptop. Ive been using ubuntu ,xubuntu,and mythbuntu for about a month now.

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