Step 1: starting from home

 just click "you" in the upper and rightest part

Step 2: edit profile

 click on lowest and leftest part where is written "edit profile" of this image

Step 3: change image

 click "change image"near the option "PHOTO"

Step 4: choose file

 click "choose file"

Step 5: open

"open" window will open to choose file
choose your image it will take time to upload 

Step 6: upload

click on "upload"

Step 7: the end

 everything is done

Step 8: before


Step 9: after

Oh come on, everyone knows how to do this. It's even in the FAQ. Besides, if you can't figure it out yourself by looking around in the settings menu, I have bad news for you.<br /> <br /> I'm sorry, I'm going to have to rate this &quot;useless&quot;, since it is...well, useless.<br />

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