Charity = Usefullness = Happiness All Round


Introduction: Charity = Usefullness = Happiness All Round

Disabled at 46 I felt useless until my needles started to click for a few charities. I love doing baby things often taking patterns from books and web sites and changing them a bit to suit the yarn I have. If they come up a bit larger or smaller in width I just alter the lengths to match. Here are a few.



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    Hi Sajr - nice idea - can you set the time between pics to a slightly slower pace? getting old now you know can't read as fast as I once did :):)

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    I am sorry, I can not find how to control the speed but at the rate it goes you can see it 2 or 3 times LOL

    Nice job(s)! Great idea doing it for charity, it could help out many people.