Cheap FBI Phone Listening Divice





Introduction: Cheap FBI Phone Listening Divice

This is an idea I had around x-mas because I wanted to know what I was getting so I started to mess with an old cord phone and this is what i got

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1.Cord phone

2.a flat screwdriver

3.pliers or wire cuters (something to cut the mic)

Step 2: Open the Phone

un-plug the hand set

open the hand set of the phone like showen in the pic below with the flat screwdriver.

PS.make sure not to break things if you want to put it back together.

Step 3: Unscrew

unscrew the screws holding the phone in place to get at the mic

Step 4: Gut It

once u have unscrewed it cut the mic and I would take all the buttons out of the phone because when you listen you don't want to accidentally push one

Step 5: Put It Back Together

you should put it back together and your done project should look like this



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    how do you use it? and won't your family think it is kind of odd having a phone with no buttons that dosn't work just laying around?

    4 replies

    I don't imagine this is the sort of device you build planning to leave it laying around for anyone to see lmao.

    i am not realy sure what you mean but i have tried it like at least 10 times and no 1 says any thing like do u hear clicking or any thing like that and as for the remote recorder i bought 1 but i dont realy use it it still records the conversation just the same

    i think he means when you pick up during a convo does the unsuspecting party hear a small click of another line joining in,overall really cool project

    I would suggest also taping down the receiver switch, otherwise when you pick up the headset it will switch to 3-way call mode, and the people you are spying on will know that you are on the line. Kinda defeats the purpose.

    when you hook another phone to the line, it will drop the line's voltage a little, and that is the real cause of "click".

    yea i was goin 2 get a cord less phone but i m cheap and i got this 1 at a garage sale 4 1$. but thanks 4 the advice about the switch on mic (xorshift & dannydutton) i think i will try that later and put it on hear

    1 reply

    please use words, not numbers

    I was expecting like a remote recorder, pretty sweet idea. Do the other party's still get that tell-tale 'click' with this method?

    2 replies

    You can avoid the click, by putting a meg ohm potentiometer in line (in series) with one of the legs (either tip or ring) , basically just make the resistance greatest, clip in, then slowly dial it down to zero. Also, I'd cut only one mic wire, and put in temporary Normally Open switch on the side, that way you can 'push to talk' whenever you want to announce yourself..

    I believe that the click is a result of the phone hitting another part of the phone when it is being picked up and the mic hears it. Therefore i don't think that there would be a click because the mic is disabled.

    well i m not realy sure about that but if they do i dont think they would notice because it is dead quiet after that none of the crackeling like their is when some one picks up the phone and stays on the line