This is a cheap and easy project that is sure to be a hit in your home! It is PVC pipes and fitting with a little flair from spraypaint. I personally think the spraypaint makes the whole project. This is a great father son, or hero dad project!

Step 1: Materials!

Most matierials are shown in the picture but not all so read*:
1/2" PVC piping cut to these distances:
4- 3"
1- 4"
1- 5"

2- Slip type tee 1/2" pipe fittings
2- Slip type 90 degree 1/2" pipe fittings
2- Slip type cap 1/2" pipe fittings
a hack saw or something to cut PVC with
ruler or tapemeasure
One can of spraypaint that works with plastic (optional 2 colors for a more camo look)
optional tape for a tiger stripe camo affect
Mini marshmallows
somewhere to hang your gun to paint it.

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