Step 2: First a Real pickup

Picture of First a Real pickup
coil in place.JPG
magnet and pole.JPG
here are 3 pictures of a very broken ( and very crappy before it was broken) fake humbucker pick up. it came out of a 1 dollar yard sale guitar nuff said.
if you look closely you can see the basic parts a copper coil of #43 magnet wire wrapped around a plastic bobbin with a steel bar that slides up inside it and a bar magnet that attaches to that.
when a steel guitar string is vibrated near the poles { screws that screw into the steel bar} it generates a very small electric current in the copper coil {similar principle to how a generator/ motor works... hmmm i wonder if you can use a motor...heh heh ill have to try that one later} this small current is what is fed into your amplifier and pumped out the other end greatly amplified.
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486dx46 years ago
GAH!!! what kind of guitar might this have been? it looks very much like the insides of the fake humbuckers on a heretofore unidentified japanese 335 copy that i bought recently (and yes they are the worst pickups ive ever herd) i think mines an encore.
lennyb (author)  486dx46 years ago
it had no brand markings of any sort and it sounded awful. the only good thing on it was the neck which i recycled into the brown les paul style git on my other project page.
486dx4 lennyb6 years ago
i love parts guitars =)
thats WAY thicker than 43 awg wire. I have some 36 lying right here, and its about the thickness of my hair...
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lennyb (author)  DELETED_freewheeler7 years ago
yes it was a single and not a very good one either
(removed by author or community request)
lennyb (author)  DELETED_freewheeler7 years ago
ha ha excellent thats a good use for old junk. i cant wait to see some rock star on stage twangin away on a 2x4 with old rc car motors and stuff under the strings. who needs all that expensive guitar junk anyway.