Cheap and Quick Warming and Sore Muscle Relief





Introduction: Cheap and Quick Warming and Sore Muscle Relief

Its cold outside, even here in florida its dropping below freezing. Hands and feet are especially difficult to get/keep warm, here's a trick my granddad taught me many years ago and its as close as the condiment shelf of your refrigerator. It also works great on sore muscles and for those suffering from arthritus

  WARNING: Use caution when using this method and be sure not to touch your eyes !  As with any home made remedys caution should be used in the preperation and use until you see how your body reacts

Step 1: You Will Need

I usually keep a bottle of red water available, most of you will know this as tabasco, louisiana,franks, hot sauce but Im out so Im using a habanero hot sauce. You can use the red water straight from the bottle but using some sort of oil will make it easier to massage in and helps with skin dried from the cold. Your going to need.....

 a bottle of Hot Sauce, tabassco or any thats in your fridge
 Oil, olive oil works best but any cooking oil will do
 a shot glass

Step 2: Mix It Up

fill the shot glass about half way with the oil, add anywhere from a couple drops to a couple teaspoons of the hot sauce you chose.. WARNING: the more hot sauce you use the hotter it will be on your skin so start out small. Now stir the 2 ingredients together

Step 3: Rub It in , Rub It In

all thats left is to use it, take a couple drops and rub onto your hands and feet or any sore muscles. (edit) To reverse the effect (if the heat is to much) wash the area with rubbing alcohol (or a --drinkable--alcohol) and soap and water

 This will NOT replace heat packs or extreme weather clothing but works great when you get inside and just cant get your feet warm, again be VERY CAREFUL after using not to touch your eyes and use caution when going to the bathroom

 (edit) as I  mention in one of the comment replys below, there's an over the counter arthritis creme that contains cayenne pepper extract. I  always thought granddad was special but now I realize he was 40 + yrs ahead of modern medicine !  !!!  !  !
The amount of smell will depend on the type of oil used and the amount/type of hot sauce used but it shouldn't be any more than over the counter cremes like bengay(tm) give off.




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    this is effective for arthritis because the capsaician in cayenne and peppers interferes with the pain receptors, taken interally via capsules it first increases the pain and then cuts it altogether, externally as a rub it just cuts out the pain, you can buy creams with capsaician in them for this, been around a long time.

    Make sure you are not a parent with a baby. Handling the baby with this mixture on your skin might burn the baby's skin...

    thats a good point... thank you for mentioning it

    I was at work (at a hospital) when I read this and thought I'd give it a try. We didn't have any oil, but we did have the red water in copious amounts. We also had plenty of lotion (due to the need to constantly wash our hands). So I figured what the heck. It looked like something you would dip chicken fingers in, but it calmed down my arthritis like nothing I've ever tried before. Also the lotion scent overpowered the smell of the Louisiana hot sauce. Thanks. Great idea!

    I'm glad it helped and the lotion sounds like a great alternative.. thank you for letting me know

    hey l8nite...

    I tried your recipe, and let me tell you that maybe I did a mistake, so help me with this...I used Tabasco sauce and canola oil, the quaentities that you said, and doesn`t work at never came hot... so, what should I change?? do you have another real recipe?? or it has a secret?


    When I have any of the red water "hot" sauces like tabasco or franks or luisianna, I usually use it straight from the bottle or with just a couple drops of oil to help make it easier to rub in. Try using your sauce of choice straight and see what effect it has and adjust from there. The instructable shows me using just a couple of drops of Habanaro hot sauce because its more potent than cayenne type sauces, you can also try using dried cayenne pepper  mixed in oil. I find it very helpful in relieving minor arthritus flare ups and achey muscles as well as giving a warm feeling to cold limbs but of course it doesnt work as well as real heat (fire) or heating blankets. Hope this helps

    For a opposite effect buy some mentholatum ointment it warms at first but it gives you a chilling sensation afterwards great to save on air conditioner...


    Nice tip. A bit of commonsense, with a warm feet result.

    Given that we are expecting 39c tomorrow/next day, and we went to 41c last week, this is on hold!!!

    I am looking for something that will do the opposite! (From the land downunder!).

    lol, i'm from aussie too! i remember ads for "ice body splash" in the 80's. i think it was just scented rubbing alcohol. made you feel cold though.