Introduction: Cheap Bug Zapper

This build took about 10 minutes and is very simple .

Things you will need are

a light like the one in the photo

1 harbor freight hand held zapper (Electric Fly Swatter)item#40122

1 power supply output 5.2 dc 400ma worked very well (zapper used 3 v dc aka 2 d batteries)

1 roll of electrical tape but you could use different tape as long as it blocks the light

Step 1: Zapper Disassembly

Picture of Zapper Disassembly

First take the handle off the zapper and cut the wire free from the spring and the button and it should look like this

Step 2: Attaching the Zapper

Picture of Attaching the Zapper

Place the zapper on the light and start tapping ,make sure the tape blocks out all the light so the bugs will want to go threw the zapper not around it

Step 3: Wiring

Picture of Wiring

Cut the barrel plug of the power supply and attach it to the zapper wires that we cut free in step one ,if you hook the wires up and the red led does not light ,just switch the wires around (i hooked it up backwards and it didn’t harm the zapper).

Step 4: Finished

Plug in the light and the power supply and let the bug die

Step 5:


gravityisweak (author)2014-09-18

Man, I touched one of these things while it was on, it feels like pinching your finger in a vice, except it hurts all the way up to your elbow.

I wonder if I could modify a design like this to make electrified window screens. That'll show the bugs.

mrmchaffey (author)gravityisweak2014-09-18

you would have to have two layers of screen because they have to touch to metal parts to complete the circuit and zap them

gravityisweak (author)mrmchaffey2014-09-18

True, maybe clear plastic separators instead of yellow lightning bolts and you'd barely notice.

baecker03 (author)2014-09-18

interesting to find out How this works, as the zapper isn't meant for constant use.

JM1999 (author)2014-09-18

just don't touch the zapper while it is turned on...

mrmchaffey (author)JM19992014-09-18

I think the bugs would agree with you jm1999

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