Cheap Bugkiller





Introduction: Cheap Bugkiller

simple bugkiller.(works only on small bugs, like ants)

Step 1: The First (and Only) Step

CAREFULLY MIX dish soap and water together. pour in spray bottle and spray. wait a minute(or less)while constantly spraying.



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Ya know... I had an old gal-friend from Lyon came to visit, and she put up a sign in the kitchen:

Attention Ants! You are no longer welcome here! Please leave and do not return!

I'm not sure which was more effective - the sign or the Windex...

Can anyone help me get rid of wasps? My daughter is highly allergic to them

I use starting fluid (and sometimes a match) to rid of them

completely off topic but who likes pie?and what type?

I can agree, this works well. I only wish I'd of photographed the evil hordes lving on my windowsill at the foot of my bed, biting my feet, night after night before I could soap them all. Not sure if it really did anything, but I poured a jug of soap water over their holes and it -appeard- to help rid me of them.

You should only need boiling water. Detergents and chemicals can get into the water systems and will pollute your yard.

I found cooked sweet chilli-sauce effective. A baking tray left outside, caught a lot of ants. They would have been attracted to the sugar, but then got stuck in the sticky-sauce. As I remember it several seemed to be missing limbs, like they had attacked each other(?). I've never tried this again though...

dude, this isnt bug-killer, its more of a hey spray this on a bug while waiting for its life to end, type thing. ottherwise! nie instructable (sp?)

Yes, you spelled "instructable" right, but check "nice"...