Introduction: Cheap Bugkiller

simple bugkiller.(works only on small bugs, like ants)

Step 1: The First (and Only) Step

CAREFULLY MIX dish soap and water together. pour in spray bottle and spray. wait a minute(or less)while constantly spraying.


togo1919 made it! (author)2013-02-16

Ya know... I had an old gal-friend from Lyon came to visit, and she put up a sign in the kitchen:

Attention Ants! You are no longer welcome here! Please leave and do not return!

I'm not sure which was more effective - the sign or the Windex...

porcupinemamma made it! (author)2009-09-07

Can anyone help me get rid of wasps? My daughter is highly allergic to them

Thelonelysandwitch made it! (author)2008-11-14

I use starting fluid (and sometimes a match) to rid of them

mewantbigboom made it! (author)2007-02-07

completely off topic but who likes pie?and what type?

Thelonelysandwitch made it! (author)Thelonelysandwitch2008-11-14

i love pie, all kinds

arora-vesper made it! (author)2006-08-12

I can agree, this works well. I only wish I'd of photographed the evil hordes lving on my windowsill at the foot of my bed, biting my feet, night after night before I could soap them all. Not sure if it really did anything, but I poured a jug of soap water over their holes and it -appeard- to help rid me of them.

blodefood made it! (author)blodefood2007-04-07

You should only need boiling water. Detergents and chemicals can get into the water systems and will pollute your yard.

lemonie made it! (author)2007-02-25

I found cooked sweet chilli-sauce effective. A baking tray left outside, caught a lot of ants. They would have been attracted to the sugar, but then got stuck in the sticky-sauce. As I remember it several seemed to be missing limbs, like they had attacked each other(?). I've never tried this again though...

tyeo098 made it! (author)2006-08-11

dude, this isnt bug-killer, its more of a hey spray this on a bug while waiting for its life to end, type thing. ottherwise! nie instructable (sp?)

zachninme made it! (author)zachninme2006-12-02

Yes, you spelled "instructable" right, but check "nice"...

zachninme made it! (author)2006-12-02

What you need, is sugar + water + poison. That way, they bring word of the sugar to the colony, and everyone dies :-) If you were really elaborate, you would only put the poison in the middle, so they would be able to tell about the sugar and have no clue about the poison. But this could have negatives.

mewantbigboom made it! (author)2006-11-11

you could also use coffe in a mcdonalds cup. theres so much ants its like a soup.

Jesus10555 made it! (author)2006-09-30

Actually an even cooler thing, for an any problem, is you take a small dish, and put some soapy water in it, then you get a cup either put candy in it, or put sugar water in it........ ants "somehow" know its there try and get it and instead they die in the water. and there are just dead ants floating, its kool to see, and this way, they come to the soap water, and you dont have to bring the soap water to them

mewantbigboom made it! (author)2006-08-13

mist? wat mist?

Keith_Dawg made it! (author)2006-08-12

Neat emulsion tecnique. The mist works to homogenize it does it not?

TheCheese9921 made it! (author)2006-08-12

i prefer any flamable substance (kerosine,gasoline,rubbing alchahol,nepalm,paint thiner, WD-40 ect. and a match

prank made it! (author)2006-08-12

You might be able to save a few bucks by just squishing the bugs with the glass you're mixing the chemicals in. I'm jus' sayin....

theRIAA made it! (author)2006-08-11

i use a meat tenderizer...

wperry1 made it! (author)2006-08-11

I find that Windex works really well, at least on ants.

D3VUS made it! (author)2006-08-11

You are an evil evil person :)

mewantbigboom made it! (author)2006-08-11

hope u like this!