Cheap Cannon





Introduction: Cheap Cannon

this is a cheap cannon made with a 1 liter drinking bottle a barrel i used a mini lacrosses stix shaft

and some tape and siscors

Step 1: First Step

Take your bottle and drill a small hole in the bottom. Make sure it is big enough for a flame to go in.

Step 2: Step 2

take your barrel and attach it to the bottle using duct tape. Make sure its snug and cant move.

Step 3: Step Three

Take your ammo and put it down the barrel (cotton balls are fun). Then spray some flamable of your choice into the little hole, wipe off the liquid that gets on the outside.THis will cause the plastic to catch on fire. Then lite it and bam your 1 minute gun.



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you may want to add a piezo from a disposable lighter as an ignition source, as you just press a button and make a spark instead of sticking a match in the end and blowing ur hand off. also, wot flammable would u recommend?

plz reply.

That cannon is smaller than a potato cannon I made and fired with standard matches, firing a progectile fifty feet up and I never lost anything

 omg.. FAIL. its fire.

I wouldnt use a soda bottle I'd use a Metal Thermos or something with a hole in and a Electronic Bbq lighter instead of a flame Alot more safe and I'd use hairspray and things like Popcorn Kernals hehe

he he...never mind

It'd really have if you had specified what to use for the barrel, flammable substance and ammunition.

I have this feeling that this isn't too safe since you're using a soda bottle as your blasting chamber and all you did was tape it onto a pipe.... Another item of interest: "screw you i will spelll how i want to.", not instructable friendly talk. Even though Dr. No could have pointed out the grammer/spelling abit nicer, that isn't any excuse for you to make a poorly written instructable that you seem to have no intention to fix.

no intention to fix open your eyes i did. Sorry i didnt use "instructable friendly talk" so ha i did fix it so dodnt say i have no intentions to fix it!