Cheap 'easy 'n Icy' Outdoor Christmas Tree Ornaments




Introduction: Cheap 'easy 'n Icy' Outdoor Christmas Tree Ornaments

I know it's way out of season, but hey, I still think it's a great idea and if you start now you'll be able to decorate your whole town by the time it's christmas...  All you need are silicon donut shapes (or any ice cube tray), water, (red) berries, some string or paperclips and a freezer or freezing weather.

The photo explains it all. You make ice 'cubes', like you'd normally would make 'm.
But fill the shapes only half with water and the berries, wait till it's frozen and then fill the whole thing up.
This provides the berries from floating. You can actally use any shape ice ice tray. Then you just need to add a paperclip, half sticking out, to hang it with. Ofcourse the decorations only work outside and it must freeze. When they start melting, it's a treat for the birds!

Have fun and Merry Christmas!

P.S. Thanks goes to Judith Bähner, it was her idea. I just posted the instructable.



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