Introduction: Cheap Easy to Make Light Up Dirt Bike Stand

simple dirt bike stand with a few things to brighten the mood

Step 1: Gathering Materials

To make this Dirt bike stand you will to gather a few materials including

3/4 plywood

9 bright LED's of your color choice

some wire

9 volt battery thermal and a 9 volt battery

a switch

atleast 20 screws

3 1/4 inch square wooden dowels 11 1/2 inches long

2 13 x 5 1/2

2- Top (12 1/4) x (bottom) 15 1/4 x (top to bottom) 13 1/2

2- Top (13) x (bottom) 16 x (top to bottom) 13 1/2

Step 2: Making the Base

2- Top (12 1/4) x (bottom) 15 1/4 x (top to bottom) 13 1/2

2- Top (13) x (bottom) 16 x (top to bottom) 13 1/2

screw these pieces together at an angle to make a slightly angled box

Step 3: Wiring LEDS

drill 3 holes in each wooden dowel of size to fit leds

wiring the 9 leds in parallel white being positive and negative being black

glue the wooden dowels with the leds across the top of your wooden stand

Step 4: Adding Handle and Top

i cut a 4 x 3 hole in the side as a handle to make it easier to carry

add the 2 13 x 5 1/2 pieces to the top put 4 screws in each piece

Step 5: Finishing Wiring

to finish connecting your leds add a 330 ohm a switch and a 9 volt battery terminal


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