Picture of cheap face recognition lock
hello there 
i am going to show you how to build cheap face recognition lock(buzzer) for door.
thing s you l need:
computer os win 7 (win 8 recommended)
arduino (i am using duemilanovo atmega328)
web camera(let windows install legacy drivers !!dont install drivers that came with camera!!)
key lemon (recommended 2.7 version because of less bugs)
arduino relay switch:
relay 5v
270 ohm resistor
diode 1n4007 or 1n4004

watch demonstration here


Step 1:

Picture of
build relay switch for arduino( use external power supply to power relay)
Prans6 days ago

How does this work, it is very simple, I like it but how?

kelduino9 months ago

it works..thanks alot man..:)

can you give a tutorial to make the application that will help..

thanks in advance...

dal441 year ago

I really want to make this work. I am running Windows 7, on a 64 bit laptop, and KeyLemon 2.7.2. I have followed your instructions, and double, triple checked them. Everything appears to work, but I'm not seeing anything on the Serial Monitor. It's as though the skitch_130329a application in the application.windows32 folder on my desktop is not working. I'm uncertain how to troubleshoot this. Any help would be appreciated. I love simplicity of your project.

WWC2 years ago
Are you using the free version?
shadowinfinity (author)  WWC2 years ago
hello WWC yes it's free version it's actually beta 2.7 version for win8
you can also use 2.7.1 which is the latest version.
Do i need a license key also? I have downloaded the free version but i have no options such as you show.
shadowinfinity (author)  WWC2 years ago
hello you don't need license key the only settings that you'l need to change in keylemon are in step 4. When you run keylemon for the first time the face model wizard will show up and you'l need to create your face model then procede and when you'r finished the keylemon control center will show up, there you can change your face model and under tab webcam you must uncheck "Stop using
webcam after 60 seconds of inactivity" and click apply.step 3 is windows application Task Scheduler located in control panel under Administrative Tools.I forgot to mention in my instructable that you can use virtual box and run windows in background so it doesn't interfere with your current os and you can still use your computer for other things.
Thanks for the info. I am going to try it.