Picture of cheap homemade aquarium filter
Aquarium filters are expensive, especially the replacement filters. Using things I had laying around the house, I made some of my own for under $.25.
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Step 1: Commercial Filters

Picture of Commercial Filters
Commercial filters are expensive (unless they came with your tank at a garage sale, like mine).

Step 2: A Filter's a Filter...

Picture of A Filter's a Filter...
I realized how simplistic those commercial replacement filters are, and found a substitute: air filters.

Now, these commercial filters come with carbon or other media as a chemical filter, so I just bought my own.

Step 3: Create a pocket...

Picture of Create a pocket...
Create a pocket for the chemical media. I simply hot-glued the edges.
Be sure to squish the glue between the filter parts.

Step 4: Fill with chemical filter media

Picture of fill with chemical filter media
Now, prior to just making my own filters, I did use commercial filter replacements without the plastic frame that comes molded to them (I don't know why there was no plastic frame; I got them free). However, those puffed up with use.

I recommend putting a staple in the center of your new filter to keep it from puffing up like that.

Add chemical filter media.

Step 5: There you have 'er.

Picture of There you have 'er.
Insert filter.

This has been my first instructable. Give me criticism.

Or you could reuse the plastic cage from the old filter after cleaning it- I used to do that regularly when I bought the ones without the plastic.