Cheap Mans Lock Picks





Introduction: Cheap Mans Lock Picks

*Disclaimer* I am posting this instructable for informational purposes only. if you choose to use this information i assume no responsibility for anything that you do. DO NOT USE THIS INFORMATION FOR ILLEGAL PURPOSES. AGAIN THIS IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

now this instructable will only cost you about 20 cents (american money) these lock picks will work only on "wafer tumbler locks"!

Step 1: Materials:

all you need is two small paperclips (preferrably not coated in the rubber coating)

the last thing you need is a cheap home office filing cabinet lock.

Step 2: Bend the First Paperclip

bend the first paperclip into the shape in the image (just pull the middle part up i hope this helps!) if the image is not clear enough please leave me a comment my webcam is 6 years old.

we will call this one the tension wrench.

Step 3: Bend the Last Paperclip

bend the paperclip into the shape shown (bend it into about a 45 degree angle)

Step 4: You Are Ready

these picks will last a couple of times. if you dont know how to pick a lock then just google it you should get thousands of links.

again i assume no responsibility for what you do with these if you get caught it is not my problem. these picks will only work on cheapo filing cabinets. this was my first instructable so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.



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    Very unclear images

    i picked a padlock using the style shown in the pictures above

    If you want a decent set of picks to goof around with check out Southern Ordinance's site ( You can buy pick sets there for a range of prices. Some as low as $10 or so.

    So which is the torsion wrench and which actually moves the pins?

    I tried do pick the lock on my sliding door but my first paper clip didn't fit

    picking a door lock is very difficult compared to a filing cabinent because it has more pins and could be a different style of lock than a wafer tumbling pin lock. Once yuo can get filing cabinents, try masterlocks(with professional made picks to start and then you can start using paperclips again). Then doors. It takes a feel to use the tension wrench and pick together on certain locks

    Wow, Just locked it back for the night with the same pick!!!

    Amazing I'm sitting here at my desk, ticked off cause I rode my motorcycle in and forgot the keys to my cabinet couldn't get to anything all day, just stumbled across this. Figured what the hell, so I borrowed a couple of paper clips from the next door cubicle and bent up the tension one. After clicking the tine a couple of times while trying to turn at the same time the tumblers paired up and it started to turn. BADAS* instructable dude, great job!!!


    20 cents for two paper clips? we're not THAT cheap are we?