Cheap N' Easy Stage Sword





Introduction: Cheap N' Easy Stage Sword

lets face it, swords are cool, expensive, and hard to make. so, with a 6$ piece of weldabul steel,(take a note of this, Watson) a thin brass rod, a wood dowel, and a mind full of sharp and pointy objects, i set out on my quest for over-sized letter openers.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

like i said,you need a Piece of 1/16 inch weldable steel (the width that you want your sword.) A dowel that fits in your hand comfortably, A 1/16 inch bras rod, A 6 by 1 inch Piece of 1/16 inch steel For the hilt.

Step 2: What to Do

sand the paint, rust, and edge off your blade.then cut the end how you want it to be.t

Step 3: Make the Tang

hen cut the dowel in half.hold one half of the dowel on each side of the blade, then Trim the blade so the dowels are flush.

Step 4: Make the Hilt

drill two 1/16 inch holes through the dowels and the Blade. then pound the rod through the holes and sand it flush.Flush.take the little hilt piece and drill several 1/16 inch holes rite next to each other, until you can tightly slide it down Your blade. then weld, solder or glue the hilt on.

Step 5: Have Fun!

now give it to the biggest D&D; nut in town, or your son! (that's what i did!) its not a real sword, so its safe for kids.



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     Did you do this yourself yet?

    You don't have any of your own pictures, do you?

    yes,i have made one before. my camera is currently out-of-order, and i will post some real one soon.

    you said you would post real pics two years ago, and still no real pics