Picture of cheap, no-sewing funky curtains
 I love fabric. I think a good, classic fabric can go through the test of  time and still be cool to look at, to touch.

I also love curtains... so how do i go about getting new funky curtains with cool fabric for under 5$? with no sewing skills what-so-ever?? I use pillowcases!

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Step 1: You will need

 no sewing skill. only thread and needle and even so, you could skip this and use a glue gun.

you will need a glue gun.

pillowcases, as many as you wish. I bought mine at a local thrift store, they were a dollar each. try to mix and match, or, in many cases, pillowcases will come as a pair, so you'll have a longer/larger curtain.

a pole. try to be creative! i use a standard metallic pole but i once used a golf putter, a hockey stick, a broom... even a tree branch could look cool!

thats it.

Step 2: Choosing your design

Picture of choosing your design
 i needed a longer curtain for a door frame so i decided to try and match to different pillowcases and assemble them in a T shape. 

First, you need to place your pillowcases in a T position, on a flat surface. the longest one should be over the shortest one. Lenght doesnt really matter since it depends on your window size. Center the longest one carefully in the middle of the shortest one.

Step 3:

Picture of
 fold accordeon-style, about an inch or so inside the shortest one.
sew (or glue gun) the fold. Do not sew the entire lenght of the pillowcase! stop after maybe 2 or three stiches.

repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Attach together

Picture of attach together
Sew (or glue gun) the longest one over the shortest one. the crease should be under the long pillowcase. you dont need to glue or sew for the entire length of the cases, a few stitches on each side and one in a middle should do.
craftyv4 years ago
Just realised the blind looks very oriental. I might try to emphasise that by the type of fabric I choose and possibly adding a solid coloured edge.
craftyv4 years ago
Love the idea and the cost ie. cheap. Not keen on the hot glue because it only attaches in "blobs" or "smears". Another idea would be Spray-on-glue, which spreads nicely. Another might be Iron-on Interfacing, either bought in strips or cut into strips from a longer piece. It is sold by the Metre and quite cheap. Well done.