Picture of cheap tiny inspection light
I wanted a light inspection but I did not spend a lot of money in it!

for this assembly must:
- 5g sugru (sugru.com)
- Optical fiber (http://www.conrad.fr/ce/fr/product/183385/Cble-de-fibres-optiques-en-plastique/SHOP_AREA_17419&promotionareaSearchDetail=005 about 2$)
- Cheap led light
(about 2$)

thanks to this montage you can illuminate in very small places without being dazzled by a large light!

Step 1:

Picture of
nothing complicated:

electric path must be cut to keep only lighting of the central LED
Nicely done!
ongara_012 years ago
shannonlove2 years ago
Great idea but perhaps commenters could pitch in with common but unexpected sources for fiber optic cable. I don't think I have any laying around but I have found it in strange places like toys.
Done. http://www.monoprice.com/products/search.asp?keyword=toslink
Love them gadgets and this is a fine one! Thanks!
barista2 years ago
Do a Google shopping/Amazon search for TOSlink cables like this one. They're optical digital audio interconnects.
I got one at my local pound shop.
nice idea there!..
eyesee2 years ago
very good