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Introduction: Cheap Tiny Inspection Light

I wanted alight inspectionbut I didnotspend a lot ofmoney in it!

for this assemblymust:
-5gsugru (
- Optical fiber ( about 2$)
- Cheapled light
(about 2$)

thanks tothis montageyou canilluminateinverysmall placeswithout beingdazzledby a largelight!

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Step 1:

nothing complicated:

electricpathmust be cutto keep onlylightingofthecentral LED

Step 2:

Nowwe mustprepare theoptical fiber:

-It can be easilycutwith a cutter
-Mustremovea piece ofprotectionlikeelectricwire(only1 mm)
-With a lighterheating, we obtaina goodsurface condition

Step 3:

I made asmall hole inthe plastic of thelampinsert thefiber
Ibonded withglue (cyanoacrylate)
I putsugrudirectly aboveto takethe fiber andto avoidtoilluminateaside

Step 4:

just have towait until thesugrudryand reassemble

You can nowinspectthe connector on yourlaptoporiphone,
a lock (last threepicturesshowsthe difference between theinspection lampanda conventional lamp)

I kept thethongbecause it allows meto have handsfree!



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    Great idea but perhaps commenters could pitch in with common but unexpected sources for fiber optic cable. I don't think I have any laying around but I have found it in strange places like toys.

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    Love them gadgets and this is a fine one! Thanks!

    Do a Google shopping/Amazon search for TOSlink cables like this one. They're optical digital audio interconnects.
    I got one at my local pound shop.

    very good