this is how to make a induction phone tap in <30 minutes and <5$
in the US and i think anywhre else it is illegal to tap into private calls without ppl knowing it's being recorded.i am not responsible for anything you do with this!!(however i do not discourage using this to monitor the calls of family if you suspect them from doing something behind your back/illegal)

and sorry for any bad grammar, i am 13 yrs and dutch

it works by using the induction of the line to generate fluctuating magnetic fields wich this device transform to audio
so there is no electrical connection between the tap and line, wich makes it much harder to detect
but you can detect it with a time domain reflectometer or rf generator and spectrum analyser(yeah i bet everyone has one of those in back garden) and for both of course a trained professional to read them

the things you will need are or already in your home or can easly be found at
EU:conrad electronics

you will need
a phone line
1 ferrite split core(i will use a cylindrical one, you can use a square or toroidal one too)
at least 40 ft (15 meter) of thin(something like #28 awg) magnet wire, i got mine from a little transformer
a mono male 1/8" jack plug with at least 2" of wire sticking out or the option to solder 2 to them(you can use stereo or surround if jou can identify the 2 wires used for mono sound)
a cable long enough to get from the telephone wire to the recording/transmitting device

soldering iron/terminal block/justtwistthewirestogether
electrical tape
wire cutter
wire strippers
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salikkuraishy4 months ago

:P same carpet here

account3r22 years ago
In Washington (the state), both parties need to know that the call is being "monitored or recorded." When I was working with recording calls before, I had to play a message that said something like "In order to ensure excellent customer service, your call may be monitored and recorded."
jules154 years ago
also, can u make a schematic this is confusing to me
jules154 years ago
when you say "dont get any tape or wire where the two halves touch" you mean to make sure it closes al the way right? without the obstructon blocking it from closing completely?
yioryio4 years ago
bbsux6 years ago
Umm, the first warning statement is incorrect. This is covered by state law. There are 1 party notifaction states and 2 party states. It means that either one or both parties must know and agree to be recorded. BUT even if you call me from a one party state I can record record our conversation without asking legally because you called me, however I must ask you if I call you. It is NEVER legal to record a conversation in which no one has consented.
not according to the patriot act. the government can do whatever they fricken want.
the government probably hates instructables and i think they hacked my wifi
alwinovich (author)  bbsux6 years ago
my bad
hg3415 years ago
wow did you take this from the anarchist cookbook?
anyways good job.going to do it soon
alwinovich (author)  hg3415 years ago
no i found it in some old book about spies, researched a bit, found a vague idea for making one DIY, and it worked, so i made a instructable about it
thats cool try useing a amp for it
amando965 years ago
das ist ein gut 'ible ich mochte ein maplins uber mein house... I dont mean uber lol i mean beside... but my german(i know your dutch) sucks :(
shooby6 years ago
Mooi gedaan jonge Good instructable, really clear and easy to follow.
alwinovich (author)  shooby6 years ago
dank je, ik hoopte al dat er niet te veel fouten in zaten
is dat in het Duits, want ik haat die taal

ist, dass in Deutsch, weil ich hasse diese Sprache
wo5 years ago
lol im 15 and dutch :P
alwinovich (author)  wo5 years ago
and how did you end up here? leuk om andere nederlandse jeugd te zien hier
joinaqd5 years ago
so i can find the ferrite thingys in a laptop adapter cord right?
Coggz5 years ago
Could you build this into a micro filter (the DSL/Phone splitter)? as that way, it would be unnoticed, all you would need was a small core and a long audio extension i presume?? Your thoughts BTW, great tutorial!!
alwinovich (author)  Coggz5 years ago
if you connect it directly to the phone line, anywhere is possible so yes, you just have to find the right cable
jackass15 years ago
so this one would work?
Picture 24.jpg
alwinovich (author)  jackass15 years ago
I can't see if it has a way of opening, but if it doesn't the winding will be very hard also the telephone wire has to be fed through the core, so you will have to cut,strip and reconnect the wires but yes , it will work
NT866 years ago
i need a little help understanding which wires connect where. i do belive one of the headphone jack wires needs to be attached to the coil and does the other one get connected directly to the line?
alwinovich (author)  NT866 years ago
no just connect the 2 wires from the headphone jack to the 2 wires from the coil
NT86 alwinovich6 years ago
oh i c it inducts the voice into the plug?
handyman16 years ago
I had fun with this one. Good job alwinovich. I made a change to the phone tap setup, I made a quick disconnect so I could easily move form phone to phone throughout the house. Used the computer for recording, it worked really good.
Why is a 13 year old kid (im 12) wearing a wedding ring?
alwinovich (author)  ossumguywill6 years ago
also doesn't it say seal ring? you don't see those much as wedding rings
J.A.M6 years ago
would the coil work if the ferrite core is just a full circle or do i need to cut it , also it is much smaller then yours
alwinovich (author)  J.A.M6 years ago
the telephone wire has to be fed through the core so you will have to cut,strip and re connect the wires and it will be much harder to wind the coil on a fixed core but yes , it will work
k , cuz i allready wound the core
alwinovich (author)  J.A.M6 years ago
so if it's no problem to cut the phone wire there's no problem
ac1D6 years ago
this, its a exemple of a 13yo doing a awesome instructable. 10/10!
alwinovich (author)  ac1D6 years ago