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I recently fried my mp3 player. One tiny little Linear Technologies chip had its part number blown off, so a $250 player is of no use because I cant replace a $0.50 part )o; that bums me out. So, what to do with a perfectly good 40G Tosh 1.8" HD?

Stick it in a HD broken Ipod off Ebay.

Step 1: Open the case

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this could not be more simple. Sharp knife in joint along the long side of the case. Ever so slightly wedge up the metal back section of the case. Press down on the plastic with the knife and encourage it to open in a levering motion.
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shamone9 years ago
totally crap, no fix instructions you should be pummeled with VHS players
No, I think the instructable is supposed to show you what parts you need and what things/problems you might encounter on the way. It might also teach somebody something because if they don't know how to change a HDD in a Ipod, they should'nt have opened it to start off with...
dabom8 years ago
can i put the hd from a coputer in hd broken video ipod???
radiorental (author)  dabom8 years ago
yes, but you need to build a special cable for that - search the web - good luck
Command-tab.com It's called the ipod super.
I know of a better charging fix, install rockbox, now your ipod will not be recognized as one and it can be used in many more ways now.
My video ipod has a broken screen, Do you think the 60 GB HD will fit in any other model than the videos? I know that the 4th generation 40GB's have the same dimensions, but do you think the hard drive plug in will be the same?
throw it into an original zune
I'm getting a zune for a video player
radiorental (author)  Zachalicious7 years ago
the hd connector will be the same - no question. The issue is replacing with an apple 'flagged' HD
I don't understand what that means "flagged"?
It means if you dont like or think something is spam, hit this button
just replace the screen. Get the parts from ifixit.com
salemance256 years ago
not wanting to be rude but why
does that say burns or bums you out
jamnoopers7 years ago
ahh. :D i love the look of the 3rd gen ipod
vaalessi8 years ago
cool. I've been messing around with a few old HD's in an effort to make them recognized as 'portable music players' by yahoo's jukebox service, for the purpose of downloading my yahoo library onto an external hardrive. Could a procedure similiar to the one used here work?
radiorental (author)  vaalessi8 years ago
yup, of course you can simply make them external HD with a usb-ide adapter but if you search the net you'll find a project that made an ipod-ide cable. You'll probably still need to made an external psu. Keep me posted on your progress - pauric
so, it seems that to get music from services like Yahoo jukebox, your device needs to be "secure-file" approved or something like that. I'll be trying to find what exactly what that constitutes, and where i can download/rip it. suggestions appreciated, but i'll post where i found it if i succeed.
dabom8 years ago
just tell me plz
dabom8 years ago
how much would the cable cost
radiorental (author)  dabom8 years ago
you have to make it yourself!
dabom8 years ago
will there still be a video feature
varun_mani9 years ago
ok yes mine is a 3rd gen ipod... so it is possible to change the HD just like that right?
radiorental (author)  varun_mani9 years ago
you can change the hd on most any ipod with a hd in it I think. But these intructions are just for 3rd gen.
varun_mani9 years ago
wait 3rd gen means the one with scroll whell and the 4 buttons on top rite?
radiorental (author)  varun_mani9 years ago
they all have a scroll wheel and four buttons of some description. 3rd has no moving part but does have the amber/red button backlight
varun_mani9 years ago
Hello, I have a 3rd gen i pod. Or rather i HAD a 3rd Gen ipoid but i think i completely messed up the hard disk. I had a very strong magnet on my table and then when I placed my ipoid near it they both stuck together. Then when i tried to switch on the ipoid again, the dreaded folder icon showed up!!! Would it be possible to change the HD myself and CHEAPLY? Cos I really dont want to send it to apple!
admanrocks9 years ago
funny... cuz i swear thats my broken ipod i just sold on ebay, I swear!
radiorental (author)  admanrocks9 years ago
got this a while ago, but go on.. what makes you think this is it? (o;
well... ists a 3g, and the scratches on the screen
spinach_dip9 years ago
try rockbox to replace firmware , looks promising

radiorental (author)  spinach_dip9 years ago
doesnt work on 3rd gen... though thanks.. I'm planning on installing ipod linux
andreq9 years ago
hey ! Nice one.

I've done the same last october. I bought a broken Ipod for 60$, a working HD (100$...). Painted it black.

here is the result :
radiorental (author)  andreq9 years ago
snap! (o; Did you have the same trouble with the HD clicking like mad if connected via firewire? and if Itunes saw it over USB (only charges on USB) it ate the contents?
Actualy, this is a 3rd gen Ipod so it only char on firewire. When I first pluged it on my USB it worked great with winamp + ipod plugin (now included in 5.2). On a Mac with firewire it worked well to store file... did not try itunes (never opened itune actualy....).
robogobo9 years ago
ha, sorry, i almost quoted verbatim your step 2, i shouldn't comment til i read all the way through....
robogobo9 years ago
i tried this project several times a few months ago, but was using all iPod parts (original was an iPod). it worked great! (except for the one time i incidentally formatted the HD. DON'T format the HD! the partioning scheme of the ipod is not rebuildable) it's surprisingly easy to work your way atround inside one of these, once you get the nerve to pop one open. you can usually find various broken ipods on ebay, one with a cracked screen, another with a dead drive. put them together and you're golden.
radiorental (author) 9 years ago
changed text, not a fix, you're right
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