Picture of cheater cherry pitter
Even though I have two cherry trees, I haven't invested in a cherry pitter.  I actually got this tip from a cooking magazine (can't remember) but it's such a great tip, I want to share.  Supplies:  fresh cherries, paper clip, cookie sheet and bowl.
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Step 1: Make the pitter tool

Picture of make the pitter tool
Wash the paper clip.  Open the paper clip.  It doesn't matter if it's an 'S' shape or a 'C' shape. 

Step 2: De-pitting the cherries

Picture of De-pitting the cherries
Remove the stem.  Insert the paperclip into and with a scooping motion, loosen the pit and draw the pit out.  It for some reason, the pit doesn't come out, pinch the wire to make a smaller 'scoop'.  Using this technique, I pitted 8 cups of cherries in 1-2 hours.  I'm not really sure how long it took because it's such a simple method, I watched TV and lost track of time.
Roessboss11 months ago
Tried it! Got ten pounds done in about thirty minutes... Now going to make jam from them.