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...a fast way to check if your batteries work...
it's my first instructable so please go easy on
the comments...
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Step 1: Things needed

Picture of things needed
first you will need:
any kind of wire
and a christmas tree light(you can use one of the

Step 2: Connect wire to light

Picture of connect wire to light
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connect the wire to one end of the light

Step 3: Check if battery works

Picture of check if battery works
put the other end of the wire on the
battery and the (short) wire of the light on
the other end of the battery
Solderguy5 years ago
My grandpa used this method to check if batteries work. He used a flashlight battery, and a piece of wire. This is kinda a ghetto multimeter.
mrmerino5 years ago
oh my god, i am amazed. never before have i seen any way to check if a battery works or not. i have in past times spent seconds sticking them into the appliance,hoping that one day, a device will be produced to help with my battery related needs.
Patented7 years ago
Useful tool! its Nice