Checker Board a Rubix Cube





Introduction: Checker Board a Rubix Cube

this instructables is on how to checker board a completed rubik's cube. this is my first instructable so bear with me

Step 1: The Turn

this is the most important part. you must turn the right and left side up twice on both sides

Step 2: Rotate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rotate the cube around so you see a differnt set of colors then repeat step one

Step 3: One More Time

lay it on its side the do step one again and you have completed this instructable!!!



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    Man this is old
    Can you still buy Rubick's cubes?


    Are you serious?!? Of course, you can!!!

    Rubick's cubes will never go out of style. I can solve mine in two minutes fifteen seconds. See if you can beat that( I'm sure there is some 10 year old that can kill my time better than anyone else.

    My friend can do it in 11 seconds

    oh boy my high score is 2 minutes 16 seconds!!!

    i came close. i'm a twelve year old who can solve one in 2 minutes and 50 seconds, at least that's my record.

    hey BBoy i dont, believe you can solve one that fast. p.s. you know me my name starts with z and we go to a school that starts with a T

    nice rhym. i'll bring mine to school on monday and show you. It'll look like i cheated cuz all the stickers are falling off, but you can thank my friend for that. i told him to solve one, and he replaces all the stickers. now i have to get a new one. you'll be AMAZED by my solving skills.

    I'm 13 and I can solve it in 1:40 SO FREAKING HARD!!!!!

    yes induabliy