3d Mdf Table With Cnc Laser





Introduction: 3d Mdf Table With Cnc Laser

About: I'm mohammad a civil engineer from IRAN, I know english a little, i love work with cnc laser and made my own plan for fun.

i got this plan to make a decorative reminiscences table with mdf sheets and laser cnc machinery.

Step 1: This Is My Dwg File That I Designed

i designed my plan with 3mm mdf sheets and cut them with laser cnc machinery

Step 2:

Step 3: Completed Shape

Step 4: And This Is End of My Project !



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    Great Job!

    Could you give more information about how much MDF is required? Also an estimate of the cost of building it in Iran, including the laser CNC job?

    Thank you!

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    hello "mohsen"
    the dimensions of MDF sheets are 224.122 cm at 3mm thickness .
    i need 3 sheets for my plan.
    wage of laser cnc that i pay is 5000 rials for one minutes . near seventh of one dollar .

    change the name of the dwg file to an english name such as 123 after download.

    دمت گرم داداش

    لایک داری برادر

    +98 - 09352175871

    فروش محصول در ایران



    Agha mohamad chera Fileo ke DL mikonam ejra nemishe

    yani corel bazesh nemikone error mide

    mitoonid rahnemaeim konid

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    if you can't open the file please rename it to an english name to open with autocad or corel application.

    لطفا بعد از دانلود نام فایل را تغییر دهید احتمالا درست شودبعضی نرم افزارها اسامی فارسی را باز نمی کنند- موفق باشید


    mishe ye shomare tell az khodetoon baram Email konid


    This is looking great! I've never done anything like this with MDF. I'm sure that this is very strong.

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    with a bit glue that's so strong and my 4 years son can to stand above that . it is a 3d structure.

    That's so cool! Maybe I'll need to look into making some. Thanks for the inspiration!