Cheep Tin Foil Tanner.

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Introduction: Cheep Tin Foil Tanner.

here is how to make a really really cheap tin foil tanner.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials.

First you will need.

tin foil and duck tape

its that easy.

Step 2: The Fun Part.

first cut a long piece of tin foil/ you want it longer then the bottom part of the tanner so you can fold it on it's self so it will be stronger/ now cut 2 pieces of tin foil about as long as the first one folded over on its self. Once you have these 3 parts, duck tape it together the 2 smaller ones go on the end of the lager one.

Step 3: Your Done.

you have just built a reusable tanner it folds up really small like in the picture bellow.



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Nah, that's a big, boring magazine. L

no its not it is the tanner i show you how to make

(I was kidding - looks like you've fallen-asleep reading) :)

please comment this is my first Instructable.

It would be good to see this outside (rather than as IMG_2998) but apart from being a bit dark, you did alright.

Are you and monkeyman123 the same person, or is this a collaboration?


no we are best friends.